Get The Social Security Benefits That You Need

Many hardworking Americans pay into Social Security year after year, expecting a safety net to be available to them if an unexpected accident or illness strikes. Unfortunately, when it comes time to take advantage of the benefits they paid into for so long, many people find the process complicated and overwhelming.

Overcoming SSD Denials

In many cases, people with disabilities find their applications for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits turned away. According to the Social Security Administration, more than 70 percent of all initial applications for disability benefits are denied.

Fortunately, a denial is not the end of the road. The law provides several opportunities to challenge the initial denial. At this stage in the process, however, it is critical to obtain the help of an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of Social Security Disability regulations.

Experienced Disability Attorneys In Southwest Virginia

At The Law Offices of Daniel L. Crandall & Associates, we routinely assist clients with obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. If you have become disabled for any reason — accidents, injury, illness or disease — you owe it to yourself to explore whether you are entitled to benefits.

If you are disabled due to an accident, injury or illness and are not able to make a living, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Even if your initial application was denied, we can help. Call today to arrange a free initial consultation: 540-342-2000.

Backed by more than 100 years of combined experience, our Roanoke-area Social Security Disability lawyers are caring professionals who will take a genuine interest in your well-being. We stand on principles of integrity, professionalism and effective advocacy.

Our lawyers will work hard to present your case effectively. We can connect you with a network of skilled medical professionals and assist you with obtaining the medical evidence for substantiating your claim.

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At The Law Offices of Daniel L. Crandall & Associates, we understand that you are likely already facing a stressful and overwhelming situation. You don't need to add the stress of an SSD denial on top of everything else. Our experienced lawyers and professional support staff can help relieve your burdens. We offer home and hospital visits as well as evening and weekend appointments to minimize your hassle.

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