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April 2014 Archives

Could a change in school start times reduce the accident risk?

Most parents with children in high school will tell you that the morning is typically one of the most difficult parts of the day. That's because their children are likely slow to get out of bed, largely silent while getting ready, and frequently late in getting out the door to their car or the bus stop.

Parents now have more options for fighting distracted driving

Here in Virginia, state law expressly prohibits teen drivers from talking on a cell phone while driving, and all drivers from sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel. Similar laws to prevent distracted driving can be found on the books of Maryland, the District of Columbia and the majority of other states.

Automakers on track to recall more vehicles than ever

Anyone who follows the news on regular basis would likely conclude that the number of recalls initiated by automakers over the last several years has jumped considerably. While they may base this conclusion on nothing more than the sheer volume of reports they have either read or watched, this is actually the reality.

Shipping company tell its drivers to go the 'right' way

If you were asked to carefully imagine your route to and from work, school or other daily destinations, there's a good chance you would find that you make a fair number of left turns on your route.

Wrongful death lawsuit set to go forward in Amherst County

A wrongful death lawsuit has been set concerning a 2012 accident that resulted in the death of an Amherst County garage owner. The garage owner was said to have been clearing a roadway where a truck hauling gravel had overturned. He was apparently struck and killed by a tractor-trailer that was driving past this vicinity.

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