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Semitrailers collide on U.S. Highway 29 in fatal crash

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Semitrailers carry goods across the country every day, keeping our world moving and well supplied. They are essential to our fast-paced economy. However, disaster can strike when one of these large moving tractor trailers do not stay on the road as planned. Such was the case in Virginia on U.S. Highway 29 where a fiery truck accident left one person dead.

It all started at a stoplight at the intersection of that highway and Route 663 where a passenger car was stopped at the traffic light. A truck hauling wood pulled up and stopped behind the vehicle. A produce truck then rear-ended the truck hauling wood, which then slammed into the passenger car, forcing it into the intersection. The two trucks then skidded onto their sides and caught fire. The produce truck driver was killed at the scene. The driver of the wood truck and the driver of the passenger car were rushed to nearby hospitals with serious injuries.

The collision caused irreparable damage to both trucks and the passenger vehicle involved in the accident. The condition of the two survivors was not reported. The accident will be fully investigated by Virginia State Police to determine the exact cause. This should shed some light on whether or not the produce truck driver was negligent when he rear-ended the wood truck. Sadly, the driver of the produce truck passed away but the company who employed him may face lawsuits related to the accident.

Safety is the top priority for any truck driver out on the roads. Sometimes tragic accidents such as this do happen, claiming lives and causing pain and suffering to the people involved. An investigation of the accident will help clear up why it happened. The investigation could possibly reveal what could be done to prevent an accident such as this from happening in the future.

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