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Legal assistance after injury or death due to a dangerous product

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2014 | Products Liability

When residents of Roanoke City purchase a product, there’s an expectation that it will be safe to use and they will be free of danger. Unfortunately, there are often instances of dangerous products reaching the shelves or marketplace. These can be motor vehicles, toys, food products, medication and much more. When people are hurt or killed as a result of this, it’s important that they and their families know how to move forward with litigation to pursue compensation.

Governmental regulations are in place to protect consumers. However, there are often products that are missed or, through a lack of care on the part of the manufacturer, are placed on the market in spite of their known dangers. Many times, people aren’t even aware that the product they and their family were using was dangerous. Those who have been harmed might have massive medical costs, the need for rehabilitation and long-term care. If a person died, the family left behind will be without a treasured loved one who also might have been the breadwinner in the household, leaving the family with an uncertain future.

It’s been a popular topic in the news that certain motor vehicle companies and parts manufacturers have been under scrutiny for the errors in building their products. Recalls have been enacted, congressional pressure exerted and customers injured or killed. Companies will frequently do whatever they can to save money and may try to avoid a costly recall and having to provide compensation to those who were hurt or lost a loved one. This is why it’s imperative to have legal help.

When there is a consumer injury due to a dangerous product, those who were affected need to gather information regarding pursuing a product liability lawsuit. For that, it’s wise to have legal help. Calling a legal professional is the first step to receiving assistance.