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Symptoms and seeking compensation for brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Brain Injuries

When a person in Roanoke City suffers a head injury, there are major problems that can arise in its aftermath. Even those who don’t believe they were seriously hurt might have suffered injuries that don’t manifest themselves immediately. It’s important to recognize the symptoms – even the innocuous ones – as they come up, and to seek medical treatment.

A brain injury can result in large medical expenses, the need for long-term care and possibly even a fatality. Knowing how to pursue compensation through a lawsuit is imperative if the incident is the fault of another.

Even a mild brain injury can produce physical symptoms such as being knocked unconscious for a brief moment to several minutes. There might not be a loss of consciousness, but there could be a state of confusion, disorientation or feeling dazed. Headaches, nausea, feeling tired, trouble sleeping, sleeping more than normal and dizziness can occur. There can also be symptoms that affect the senses. Blurred vision, ear-ringing, an unusual and unpleasant taste in the mouth and problems smelling can happen. There could be a sensitivity to sound and light. Cognitive problems such as memory loss, mood changes, depression and anxiety can also result.

If the brain injury is moderate to severe, the symptoms can be worse. Physically, the loss of consciousness can last for hours. Headaches can be persistent and worsening. Continuous vomiting and a feeling of nausea, seizures, pupil dilation, and numbness in the extremities are all signs of brain injury. Cognitively, there can be substantial confusion, agitation, feeling combative, slurring words and coma.

For those who have experienced a blow to the head for any reason, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as symptoms begin to exhibit themselves. If the head injury happened because of another person’s negligent acts, it is also important to discuss the matter with a lawyer who is experienced in brain trauma. Proper treatment can expedite recovery. Receiving compensation for medical expenses and care can speed the return to normal.

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