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March 2015 Archives

How can a drunk driver affect an accident case in Virginia?

Drivers in Virginia who are in a car collision with injuries or fatalities will have enough to worry about without thinking about the condition of the other driver and whether he or she was intoxicated, worries such as medical treatment, repairing or replacing damaged property, getting back to work and many more.

Fatal accident claims life of mine worker

In Roanoke City and across Virginia, many people work in certain physical jobs or types of employment that put them in danger. In any activity there is always the worst-case scenario, but there are jobs that can lead to injury and even death simply due to the proximity of large equipment, heavy objects or traveling at high rates of speed. Be that as it may, the last thing a family member thinks when a loved one walks out the door is that it's the last time he or she will be seen. Such is the nature of a wrongful death incident: it happens without warning, with terrible consequences.

What is a skin graft and why might it be necessary?

Injuries can happen in a multitude of ways with an almost endless array of results in Roanoke City. One particular injury that can cause long-term damage and substantial pain to the victim - as well as massive medical costs - is a personal injury that requires a skin graft to correct. Knowing the details of a skin graft, when it might be needed, how it's done, and the dangers with it is important for those who might require it and their families.

Pursuing legal action after a truck accident in Virginia

In Virginia and across the entire nation, trucks are always on the road making deliveries and going back and forth across the country. Large and intimidating, these vehicles are so prominent because of their sheer size and the fact that the only thing preventing a truck accident with significant damage to life and limb is the driver and the way the truck was put together.

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