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Ice cream recalled from Virginia stores

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Products Liability

Virginia residents are often concerned with the quality of the food that they are putting into their bodies. People want the best for themselves and for their families. Even if people when are not eating fresh or organic food, they still expect that the food is free from harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Some companies, however, fail to live up to these expectations. They produce food, or food products, that fall well short of consumers’ desires and safety standards. While this often results in a product recall, it can also lead to serious injuries for consumers.

Virginia residents have recently been exposed to a potentially hazardous food. According to reports, not even ice cream is safe. Blue Bell Creameries has had to expand a product recall of its products over bacterial concerns. Reports claim that several of the company’s products are potentially contaminated with listeria — a dangerous bacteria. These products include pints of ice cream in a variety of flavors, gallons of ice cream and quarts of sherbet.

The contaminated products were sent all over the country — the recall in effect in at least 23 states. These products were sent to grocery stores, convenience stores, and other food servicers. If people have purchased the contaminated food, they are urged to return it for a refund.

When people are injured by tainted food, they may have the right to bring a products liability suit. Companies are strictly liable for the dangerous products they put into the marketplace. By failing to keep food safe, companies may need to pay damages for any medical expenses, lost wages and other damages suffered by injured consumers.

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