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What are the types of product recall notices?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Products Liability

As this blog has discussed many times in the past, the food that Virginians consume is not always safe. There are times when manufactures fail to uphold safety standards and food becomes contaminated. This can lead to sickness and death for the people who eat the food. When company — or in some cases, the government — learns of a defective product, a product recall is issued. This recall will generally encourage people not to eat the damaged goods and, possibly, to return the goods for a refund.

Many people may wonder about how exactly they will know if a product recall has been issued. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are a variety of ways that recalls are announced. One way is by posting the information at the location where the defective and dangerous products were purchased. This can include a sign or place card in the window of a brick and mortar location.

Additionally, the media may be used to inform people of a product recall. In some cases, radio and television ads may warn people of the dangers of a particular product. Newspapers and magazines might also be included in a media campaign. Newer forms of media — like social media sites and apps — can also be used to inform the public of a product recall. This could include posts to the company’s Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram social media accounts. The company might also post this information to their website.

People might also be personally notified of the recall. This occurs when the person registers a product. The company may then contact the person if a recall has been issued. This contact might occur via a phone call to a landline or mobile phone or via text message. Email might also be used contact any known users of dangerous products.

If people have been injured by a product, an attorney should be contacted. While a product recall might help to prevent further injuries, it is often too-little-too-late for those injured.