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June 2015 Archives

Understanding the impact of brain injuries on Virginians

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia seeks to help Virginians suffering with devastating brain injuries. Brain injuries can be opened and closed injuries, traumatic or non-traumatic. However, all brain injuries can be serious. Closed head trauma that leads to brain injuries is more common. In general, brain injuries result from head trauma.

What is Virginia products liability law and does it help victims?

Virginia products liability law is essentially a set of laws, primarily including common law, that holds any party that is considered part of the chain of distribution of a defective product liable for any harm the product causes. Included along the chain of manufacture, and subject to liability under products liability law, are the manufacturer of component parts, the party who assembled the product, the wholesaler and the retailer. Depending on the circumstances, products liability claims can help injured victims recover a number of different types of damages for financial, physical and emotional harm suffered.

Texting while driving is both a danger and a concern for victims

Most of us are aware that texting while driving is dangerous. However, many people may not be aware just how dangerous texting and driving is. Texting while driving and cell phone usage while driving contributes to distracted driving, which can lead to accidents that result in injury and loss of life.

Truck accident causes can pose dangers for victims

The settlement comedian Tracy Morgan recently reached with Wal-Mart illustrates some of the dangers of the trucking industry. The settlement follows a truck accident involving a Wal-Mart truck driver and a Wal-Mart truck that injured Morgan. The truck driver had been driving for 24 hours without a break at the time of the truck accident. Some have expressed concerns that the truck accident revealed the serious nature of the dangers in the trucking industry and the possibility that an accident like Morgan's could be repeated.

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