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October 2015 Archives

Virginia teen driver deaths up, according to DMV

Protecting individuals on the roadways, as well as when they have been harmed in a car accident, is an important concern for everyone. The Department of Motor Vehicles reported that teenage driver deaths are already higher in Virginia in 2015 than last year in 2014. An increased focus has been placed on teen safety when driving and having discussions with teens related to driver safety. Authorities will randomly monitor high school parking lots and provide prizes to drivers and passengers wearing seatbelts and engaging in other safe driving behaviors.

Understanding the basics of product recalls

In general, a product recall occurs when a product is removed from the marketplace. Alternately, a correction may be made to the product as part of a product recall. Products may be recalled if they are defective or potentially harmful or dangerous. The product recall process is in place to help protect consumers and the public.

Truck accident concerns in Virginia

Truck accidents can be caused a number of different ways, including because of defective parts, poor truck maintenance or driver error. While there has been a recent shift towards traffic enforcement concerning the trucking community, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations violations issued remain focused on vehicle-related violations as noted in inspection reports. There has been a focus on both maintenance violations and brake violations.

Study focuses on dangers of toy-related injuries to children

A study that is being referred to as a landmark study has revealed that every three minutes in the United States, a child receives emergency room medical treatment for a toy-related injury. The research focused on the period of time from 1990 to 2011 and on what types of toys led to injuries in individuals under 18 years old. The injury rate rose by 22 percent during the period that was studied.

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