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Victims of ATV accidents have legal remedies available to them

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Products Liability

ATVs have become increasingly popular and are enjoyed by many individuals. ATVs, however, can be dangerous and ATV accidents can result in serious, debilitating and long-lasting injuries and harm. ATVs offer few safety features yet are commonly used in difficult terrain at high speeds. There are a number of different types of accidents that can result from improper ATV use and victims of ATV accidents who have been harmed by the negligent operation of an ATV by another party may have a claim for damages.

In addition, if the harm suffered by the victim in an ATV accident is because of the defective or dangerous nature of the ATV, the victim may have a products liability claim for damages. Unfortunately, victims of ATV accidents can suffer rollovers or may be thrown from the ATV. Victims can be pinned down or suffer crush injuries. Victims oftentimes may suffer brain injuries that result from an ATV accident.

Victims wrongfully harmed in an ATV accident may be able to recover compensation for damages including medical expenses, ongoing rehabilitation, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Costs associated with treatment of brain injuries can be particularly high. Victims of an ATV accident may unexpectedly encounter physical challenges, emotional challenges and financial challenges. Because of the serious nature of the harm victims of ATV accident may suffer, damages for the physical, emotional and financial harm they have suffered may be available.

Damages associated with an ATV accident can impact victims well into the future which is why it is important they are familiar with the different legal protections in place to help them following an ATV accident. Recovery of compensation from the party responsible for the ATV accident may help victims of an ATV accident more fully focus on the healing process.