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Workplace fatality numbers in Virginia

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Workplace accidents are a serious concern for workers and families. A preliminary report of 127 workplace fatalities were reported in Virginia during 2011. The number represents a 19 percent increase from the 107 workplace fatalities reported in Virginia during 2010. Workers ages 25 to 54, which are considered prime working age, accounted for 66 percent of the reported fatalities in 2011.

Although fatal workplace accidents resulted from a number of different causes, transportation-related accidents accounted for nearly half of the fatal workplace accidents in Virginia during 2011. On a national level, 4,609 workplace fatalities were recorded in 2011. From 1992 to 2011, fatal workplace deaths in Virginia have ranged from a low of 107 fatalities to a high of 186 fatalities.

Among workplace fatalities in the state during 2011, nearly 20 percent were accounted for by contact with objects and equipment which was due to a worker being struck by an object or equipment greater than three quarters of the time. Among workplace fatalities in the state during 2011, 10 workplace fatalities were accounted for by falls, slips or trips. An additional 12 workplace fatalities in the state during 2011 were accounted for by exposure to harmful environments or substances, including 6 workplace fatalities accounted for by electrocution.

In keeping with the breakdown of workplace fatalities in Virginia during 2011, three occupations, including heavy and semi-truck drivers; agricultural professions and workers; and construction workers, accounted for 31 percent of fatal workplace fatalities in Virginia during 2011. Because of the toll workplace injuries and fatalities take on workers and families, both workers and their families have several legal options to consider following a workplace accident that results in injury or death.

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