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Last year was a record year for automotive recalls

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Products Liability

U.S. auto recalls hit a record high in 2015 with 51.26 million units recalled. Automakers announced 900 recalls during 2015 which was a record number of recalls. The previous record of 803 recalls and 50.99 million vehicles impacted by recalls was set in 2014. Massive airbag recalls and stricter government regulation contributed to the increased number of automotive recalls. High fines levied against automakers who were slow to report safety concerns prompted many automakers to be more proactive when reporting safety concerns and when announcing recalls.

The defective airbags that accounted for many of the vehicles recalled in 2015 can explode during a car accident and injure and kill drivers and passengers due to flying metal fragments that are a result of the airbag explosion. At least 100 injuries and 8 deaths have been attributed to the defective airbags worldwide. There are approximately 23.4 million defective airbags in the U.S. impacting 19.2 million vehicles. There are at least 12 automakers impacted by the defective airbags and airbag recalls.

Victims injured or killed by a defective auto part may have legal options and recourse available to them when harmed. Products liability law is a resource available to help victims and families members of victims killed because of a defective auto part seek damages for the harm they have suffered. Damages are uniquely tailored to compensate victims for the harm they have suffered which can include medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, lost prospect of inheritance, loss of support and services and pain and suffering damages. Additional damages may also be available depending on the circumstances.

Whatever the nature of the damages victims or family members have suffered, victims are protected by products liability law and the different legal options it can provide. Victims should understand the options available to them to pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered when wrongfully harmed by a defective auto part.

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