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May 2016 Archives

Airbag recall recently expanded yet again

The blog has previously discussed the growing concerns associated with the airbag recall that continues to worsen. Most of us use our cars on a daily basis so it is important that they are safe to drive and ride in. It is possible that millions of people are at risk, however, because of the defective airbags that have been recalled. Earlier in May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expanded the recall again to include 70 million more vehicles impacted, making it the largest automotive recall in U.S. history.

How serious is distracted driving on the roadways?

Distracted driving is a serious concern on our roadways today. Distracted driving includes all behaviors that remove a driver's attention from the roadway which can, of course, be dangerous and present a danger to other motorists, passengers in other vehicles and pedestrians. In addition to removing the driver's focus from the roadway, distracted driving behaviors can also remove the driver's eyes from the roadway and hands from the wheel.

Understanding truck company negligence when harmed

Truck accidents can cause a variety of damages to victims and, depending on the circumstances, different parties may be liable to victims for the injuries and harm they have suffered. In some circumstances, the truck driver may have been negligent, and caused the accident, or in other circumstances, the truck driver's employer may have been negligent. In other circumstances, both may be liable to the victim but the liability of a truck company, for instance, may depend on legal guidelines. It can be helpful to be familiar with these guidelines when injured or otherwise harmed in a truck accident.

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