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November 2016 Archives

Understanding the needs of victims following a truck accident

Truck accidents can cause an unexpected turn in the lives of victims when they may be least expecting it. A fully loaded tractor trailer truck weighs 25 times what the average passenger vehicle weighs which can mean serious injuries and even fatalities for victims struck by a semi-truck or other commercial truck. As a result, victims may face a variety of damages including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages or the loss of a loved one in a truck accident.

Driver identified in fatal Roanoke accident

The driver in a fatal hit-and-run accident in Roanoke has been identified and contacted by authorities. The victim was a 34-year-old man who was killed while riding a moped. According to authorities, he was struck by a 4-door sedan. Police were looking for the car and its driver, an older white woman, and later identified and located them. Authorities spoke with the driver and continue to investigate the accident. police were evaluating and collecting evidence. At the time this post was prepared no charges had been filed in connection with the accident.

What are the impacts of a brain injury caused by negligence?

Many people in Virginia do not understand how significant and sometimes lifelong the impact of a traumatic brain injury can be. The symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) can sometimes be initially missed, especially because TBIs can be open or closed injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild or severe; however, even TBIs categorized as mild can often have significant consequences for victims and their families.

Motorcycle accident victims have legal rights in Virginia

Most motorcyclists in Virginia are safe and law abiding, but they can suffer tragic consequences when other drivers are negligent. In fact, in two-thirds of motorcycle accidents another driver violated the motorcycle rider's right of way and caused the accident. Motorcycle accident victims can suffer catastrophic injuries due to their lack of protection in a collision.

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