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Families deserve protection when a loved one is wrongfully killed

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Wrongful Death

This blog recently discussed the remedies that may be available in a wrongful death lawsuit. A preventable death can be an overwhelming experience for families. In particular, losing a loved one in an unexpected accident due to the negligence of another party can change the lives of surviving loved ones forever. Legal options, including a wrongful death suit, are available to help families face the financial and emotional challenges they encounter following the traumatic loss of a loved one.

A negligent party, such as the negligent driver of a car, may be liable to compensate surviving family members for the damages they have suffered.on account of their tragic loss. Damages surviving family members may be able to recover include loss of income; loss of comfort and companionship; loss of society; funeral and medical expenses and damages for pain and suffering. Compensation for damages that may be available is uniquely dependent upon the circumstances of the situation and the characteristics of the victims.

Wrongful death actions are brought on behalf of family members and can be brought for the benefit of surviving spouses, children, parents, siblings and even step children and foster children in some circumstances. A fatal accident resulting in the loss of a loved one, such as a car, truck or motorcycle accident, can alter the lives of family members forever and leave them facing emotional and financial damages.

As a result, compensation for the harm suffered by families may be available through the wrongful death legal process to help families through a difficult time. Nothing is worse than unexpectedly losing a loved one, which is why the legal process provides protections for family members of victims wrongfully killed.