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Home furnaces the subject of a recent recall

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Products Liability

Residents in Virginia and elsewhere rely on various consumer goods each and everyday. Whether it is a vehicle, household item or a tool, these products provide vital uses for citizens. Unfortunately, these products do not always work as planned or intended. It can be alarming to realize that everyday products can cause harm in the home.

According to recent reports, approximately 4,100 furnace units were recently recalled due to electrical shock hazards. The blower motor in the gas-fired furnaces is not grounded, which can pose a danger to workers services the units and others, such as homeowners, that come into contact with the units. The furnaces are used in home heating and cooling systems.

The 80 percent efficiency gas-fired furnaces that are the subject of the recall were sold under several brand names and have several model and serial numbers. Consumers who have one of the furnaces impacted by the recall are instructed to contact the manufacturer of the furnace, which will provide a free repair. It is important for consumers to be free of harm in their homes and elsewhere which is why important products liability laws protect victims from harm suffered because of a defective product.

Family homes should be kept free of dangerous and defective products, and when they are not and harm results, products liability legal options hold manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers and others liable for the harm victims have suffered as a result. Victims of a dangerous or defective product have legal remedies available to them to help them recover compensation for the damages and harm they have suffered because of a defective product.

Products liability law provides thorough protections to hold manufacturers of a defective product, and others, liable for the physical, financial and emotional harm suffered by victims harmed by the product. Victims of a defective product and their families should be familiar with their legal rights and the different resources available to help them when harmed.

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