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Helping a victim recover after being sideswiped

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Roanoke, Virginia residents who share the road with truckers have probably had the experience of a semi driving very close to the dividing line between the two lanes. Sometimes, it is because the truck just has a wide load and, at other times, the driver may have momentarily stopped focusing on driving and, specifically, anticipating what was ahead on the road.

Unfortunately, while a lot of these incidents end in near misses or scares, some end with another motorist getting sideswiped by a truck. While a sideswipe accident is bad enough when one passenger car hit another, it can be devastating when the accident involves a large truck smacking a smaller vehicle. The injuries that result from these sorts of accidents can be catastrophic, and all too often end in permanent disability or death.

With over a century of combined experience, our law office has had plenty of occasions to represent victims of sideswipe accidents involving trucks. We are well aware of how devastating a serious accident can be for many aspects of a person’s life, and it may be quite the chore to even rehabilitate a person physically so he or she can function. Having to worry about insurance claims, which can and often are contentious, is often just one more thing for an already physically and emotionally taxed person to handle.

On the other hand, accident victims often need compensation from the at fault truck driver simply so they can continue to make financial ends meet, especially if the accident left them without a means of income. With a reputation for professionalism, strong advocacy and dignity, our office is able to help victims navigate through the special challenges truck accidents present and, in many cases, get them the full compensation that they both need and deserve.