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Can brain injury symptoms appear after the fact?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Brain Injuries

When a Roanoke, Virginia resident gets hit hard on the head due to a car accident, a fall or some other accident, people, including medical providers, may mistakenly believe he or she is okay since he or she seems only a bit shaken after the incident, but otherwise fine. Even if a person goes unconscious momentarily and comes to quickly, people may not suspect serious traumatic brain injuries.

The problem with this perception is that brain injury symptoms can and often do appear up to weeks after an accident. These symptoms can prove to be quite serious and debilitating. For example, even a “mild” brain injury can cause problems with fatigue, balance and sensory issues. They also can leave a person unable to focus or remember things. This is why medical professionals recommend a person get checked out by a doctor if they show any signs of suffering a brain injury or other trauma to the head.

Unfortunately, if these symptoms appear long enough after an accident, there may be some question in the minds of the person responsible for the accident and their insurance company about whether the accident really caused the brain injury. In such cases, it may be difficult for a Roanoke resident to get the compensation he or she needs.

This is one reason why it might be important to have an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney handle a brain injury victim’s claim. The attorney can investigate and knows how to explain to a judge or jury that brain injury symptoms can and often do manifest well after an accident, but that does not mean the negligent party responsible for the accident should not have to pay compensation for the brain injury.