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Handling difficult brain injury cases

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Brain Injuries

As a previous post on this blog discussed how a Roanoke, Virginia, resident can walk away from a motor vehicle accident, an accident involving a dangerous product or some other incident for which someone else might be at fault and seem to be a little shaken up, but otherwise fine.

It may turn out later, however, that the person actually has a traumatic brain injury from the incident and will need considerable medical care and time off work. The person responsible for the accident, however, may want to deny compensation, claiming that the person was okay immediately after the accident and is, at best, blaming the accident for an injury that happened later or, at worst, milking the system.

Our law office, however, knows that brain injuries, even serious ones, don’t always appear at the time of an accident. As experienced personal injury attorneys who have handled lots of brain injury cases, we know what the symptoms of a brain injury are and how these sorts of injuries affect people, and we can make sure that an injury is properly documented and explained.

We also know how to explain an injury, and its cause, both to an insurance company and, if necessary, to a judge or jury. Our goal in doing so is to make sure that a brain injury victim does not wind up becoming just another number, that is, someone who can easily be paid off to go away because their case is a little bit harder to prove.

Brain injury cases are usually difficult on a lot of levels, but our office is prepared to offer the empathetic legal support necessary to help victims, as much as legally possible, get the compensation that they deserve and will in all likelihood need as they recover.