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Daylight Saving Time can spark increase in car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

While many Virginians will be relieved at Daylight Saving Time as they will feel as if they are getting an extra hour of sleep until they grow accustomed to the change, there are also known dangers that they will rarely consider. Research has indicated that the number of people who are in a car collision because of drowsy driving rises right after the autumn time change. This information from AAA is concerning and should be factored in after a car accident.

According to AAA, people who are having an early-morning commute are more susceptible to drowsiness behind the wheel because they will suddenly find themselves driving in the dark. Not only does the change force people to drive with a different perception, but it can also disturb their sleep patterns and lead to driving while drowsy and falling asleep at the wheel.

A report from December 2016 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety stated that drivers who were deprived of one to two hours of sleep from the recommended seven over a 24-hour period were at close to twice the risk for being in a car collision. It is believed that out of every five accidents in the U.S. one will be due to drowsy driving. Drivers are advised to be more cautious, drive at reduced speeds, keep a close eye on pedestrians, ensure that the headlights are in optimal working order, and use headlights in the daylight hours.

Although there are tips and strategies that can help to maintain safety during the dangerous period of immediately after Daylight Saving Time, there are still likely to be crashes because of a drowsy driver. With any car accident, there can be massive medical expenses, lost time at work, the need for extensive care, problems for the individual and his or her family, and long-term issues that will be difficult to get beyond. A lawsuit can help to recover compensation after a crash. The accident investigation is paramount when filing a lawsuit as proof that it was caused by a drowsy driver can be crucial to a case. A legal professional experienced in car accidents can be of assistance.

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