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What are the different classifications of TBIs?

An injury to the head is no simple matter. In fact, a head injury is considered one of the most serious injuries an accident victim could suffer. Even a minor blow to the head could disrupt normal brain functioning temporarily. Traumatic brain injuries can range from minor to severe; however, any brain injury, no matter the degree of severity, is considered serious and life altering.

What are the different classifications of TBIs? Generally, there are four different types or degrees of brain injuries. The first is labeled as minor or a concussion. This type of TBI can leave a victim confused and disoriented. This typically lasts for 24 hours. The next is a moderate TBI. This presents as a confused or disoriented state that lasts for up to 24 hours. Memory loss is also an issue with this TBI and could last up to 7 days. Imaging could show abnormal brain structure as a result of this injury.

The third type of TBI is a severe TBI. This also presents with the victim's confused or disoriented state for over 24 hours, loss of consciousness for over 24 hours and memory loss for more than 7 days. A structural brain imaging scan is likely to reveal abnormal structures. Finally, a victim could suffer a penetrating head injury. This occurs when an object enters into the scalp, skull and Dura mater. These injuries can result in permanent brain damage to the affected area of he brain.

Whether it is in an automobile collision, work accident or a fall incident, a head injury can cause life-altering affects. TBIs can often be temporarily or permanently disabling, making it difficult for a victim to return to their normal life. Thus, victims should consider filing a personal injury action, helping them hold a negligent party accountable while also collecting compensation for losses and damages.

Source: Bocatc.org, "Traumatic Brain Injuries," Beth Druvenga, Dec. 20, 2017

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