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Those with bipolar disorder may be more prone to brain injuries

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the events that happen in our life, good or bad. While individuals in Virginia and elsewhere might take care to avoid hardships and major downturns in their lives, the difficult reality is that these steps cannot always help a person evade a serious accident resulting in severe injuries.

A brain injury is something one never expects. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is frequently caused by just one singular event. However, sometimes it could be the result of a series of incidents of head trauma. Often caused by a blow, bump or jolt to or of the head, a head injury causes damage to the brain. And TBIs are not uncommon. In fact, roughly 1.7 million Americans suffer from this type of injury each year.

While a TBI could occur in a wide variety of events, such as a sport, combat or automobile accident, a current study found that those living with bipolar disorder are more likely to experience a brain injury compared to those without this disorder.

This study found that individuals that have received inpatient care for bipolar disorder had a higher risk for a TBI compared to their counterparts. Roughly 6 percent of those with bipolar disorder in the group suffered a TBI. For those without bipolar disorder involved in the study, 3.2 percent have suffered a TBI. The study also found that the time between the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the TBI was around two years.

Suffering from a TBI can be a serious and tragic event. The reason for such an injury could occur for many reasons. Whether a person is at a higher risk for this injury or not, if a negligent party is to blame for the accident that caused a brain injury, it is important to take the time to understand your rights and options. This could mean filing a personal injury action to pursue compensation and assign liability.

Source: Psychcentral.com, "Traumatic Brain Injury May Be More Common with Bipolar Disorder," LaRae LaBouff, Accessed March 18, 2018

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