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Driver charged in multi-vehicle crash in Virginia

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Car Accidents

Vehicles of various sizes and weights share the roadways in Virginia and elsewhere. Each of these vehicles, whether they are personal vehicles or work vehicles, are attempting to get to their final destinations. When traffic becomes heavy, this can add minutes to a driver’s commute. When drivers are not paying attention, do not signal a turn or lane change or are driving too fast or too close to other vehicles, this poses many risks on the roadways. This could result in an automobile collision, possibly involving multiple vehicles.

According to recent reports, a multi-vehicle crash occurred in Montgomery County. Based on preliminary investigation, the accident occurred on Interstate 81 and involved three cars and a tractor-trailer. This large crash caused lane closures, as the vehicles and debris covered many lanes. Roughly 4.5 miles of backup traffic resulted.

When Virginia State Police arrived at the scene, injured parties were reported. Three individuals were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. It is not clear at this time what vehicles these occupants came from. Police believe that the accident was caused by one of the vehicles following too close. This resulted in a chain reaction accident, involving these four vehicles. Police also indicated that charges are pending, but it is not clear what driver was responsible at this time.

Once investigation is complete, cause and liability should be established. This information could help injured victims with the pursuit of a civil action. A personal injury action could help with the recovery of compensation. This could help address medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages arising from the incident.

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