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On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Brain Injuries

When we think of brain trauma, we often think of concussions suffered by athletes. While this is a concerning type of injury caused by contact sports, this is not the only cause of a brain injury. Even more so, these injuries can be much more severe than a concussion. Those in Virginia and elsewhere involved in a serious accident could suffer a wide range of injuries, including those to the head. A serious brain injury could cause immediate health issues, while also causing long-term or life-long problems.

There are few injuries that are as severe and as devastating as a brain injury. The brain is a vital organ, and any damage to it could alter a person’s personality, ability to remember and even disrupt his or her cognitive abilities. Thus, a person after a brain injury can be vastly different from the person they were prior to the accident that caused the head trauma.

At Crandall & Katt, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys understand how tragic a brain injury can be. The losses and damages following such an incident can be overwhelming on top of the fact that the accident victim’s normal life is severely impacted. Thus, we are dedicated to guiding brain injury victims through the legal process of holding a negligent party accountable for the injuries, damages and losses suffered in an accident.

A brain injury can be a complex situation, as the impacts of the injury are not always immediately seen or experienced. However, over time, a victim may develop more serious symptoms, showing signs of a serious brain injury. Our law firm is skilled at dealing with personal injury actions of this magnitude. We help our clients collect all necessary evidence and medical documentation, even consulting with experts, to ensure that the needs and goals of our clients are fulfilled.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s brain injuries website. Whether it was an automobile collision, slip-and-fall accident or any other type of incident, if a head trauma results, it is important to understand whether the negligence of another party caused this injury. This could help with your pursuit of a personal injury action.