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Risk of dementia after a TBI could last for more than 30 years

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Most individuals in Virginia understand that the brain is a vital organ. A brain not only provides cognitive thought but is also the source of memories and what makes a person himself or herself. Thus, when the brain is injured, this can disrupt a person’s life significantly. This is often apparent immediately; however, some brain injuries cause an accident victim to suffer years or even decades after the incident.

Based on current studies, a traumatic brain injury increases a person’s risk of dementia. This risk remains fro more than 30 years after the trauma occurred. One should note, however, that researchers found that the risk of dementia does decrease over time as well. Although dementia has been linked with TBIs, the risks associated with a TBI over time have not been well studied.

Nonetheless, a new study tracked all the diagnoses of dementia and a brain trauma. What was found that in the first year following a TBI, the risk of dementia increases by four to six fold. Thereafter, it was discovered that the risk of dementia decreased rapidly. However, the risk was still significant for more than 30 years following the incident that caused the TBI.

Researchers found that a dementia diagnosis increased roughly 80 percent during a period of 15 years following a TBI. Finally, it was found that those that suffered a severe or multiple TBIs had a higher risk for dementia.

A traumatic brain injury is just that, traumatic. Such an injury could significantly impact an accident victim for years to come. Thus, it is important that victims understand their rights following an accident, and whether or not they could pursue a civil action to hold a negligent party liable and collect compensation for his or her losses.