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Seeking legal recourses following a truck crash

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Truck Accidents

During the winter months, residents in Virginia and elsewhere tend to see a spike in large truck traffic. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are used to transport goods, many of which as purchased as gifts. Because of this, these large trucks fill the roads in an attempt to get these products to their final destinations. However, truck drivers can be under a lot of pressure, causing them to work long hours and travel long distances.

Even though most motorists are used to sharing the road with large trucks, it can still get nerve-wrecking to travel next to one or multiple trucks. Because trucks have large blind spots, it is easy for smaller vehicle to go unnoticed. This can be problematic when a truck driver is attempting to change lanes or make a maneuver.

At Crandall & Katt, Attorneys at Law, out law firm understands that when truck accidents suddenly occur, those involved in the crash are not only shocked by the event but also greatly impacted. These massive vehicles can cause severe damage, serious injuries and even death. Those harmed in a truck accident should understand their rights and options.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims in the Roanoke area take action following a truck accident. We take the time to help our clients explore their options, helping them fully understand what outcomes could occur. By filing a personal injury action, victims could not only hold a negligent truck driver accountable but they also could recover compensation for their losses.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s truck accidents website. While it is commonplace to travel near large trucks, motorists do not often consider the possibility of a truck accident. Thus, when one is involved in a truck accident, they may not understand what legal recourses they might have.