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Understanding traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Brain Injuries

It is apparent that accidents can simply happen anywhere in Virginia, including Roanoke City. However, accidents are also the aftermath of negligence, distractions and recklessness. When an individual is careless, thus causing an accident, those harmed in the accident could suffer traumatic injuries. While suffering any type of injury is serious, one of the most severe an accident victim could suffer is a head injury.

A brain injury is a complex injury that is suffered by 2.4 million people each year. This injury can range in severity and includes a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. With regards to traumatic brain injuries, these could be the result of two types of injuries: an open brain injury or a closed brain injury. An example of an open brain injury is a penetrating injury, which occurs when an object enters the brain. A closed brain injury occurs when there is internal pressure of shearing. Either type could occur in an automobile accident.

Depending on the brain injury type, a victim could suffer focal brain damage. This is caused when there is damage to a small area of the brain, such as when an object enters the brain. With regards to cognitive brain damage, there are some signs. This includes having a hard time processing information, expressing thoughts, understanding others, the ability to make decisions and even understanding abstract concepts. Other symptoms include short attention span and memory loss.

Brain injuries can range from minor the severe, but no matter the severity of the head trauma, a victim could suffer short and long-term effects. This could result in a victim suffering cognitive impairments as well as other health issue. Therefore, it is important to consider how these losses and damages could be addressed. A personal injury action could help with the recovery of compensation, which ultimately could help with the hardships caused by the incident.