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Drunk driver causes multi-car crash in Virginia

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

Driving is a common activity. People get behind the wheel of a vehicle every day without a second thought. However, there are many concerns and issues involved with driving a motor vehicle. Not only is one expected to drive safely, but one must also pay attention to other drivers, as a negligent driver could be present at any moment. Unfortunately, when a negligent driver decides to text and drive, act recklessly or drive under the influence, it does not matter how good a driver they are or how well they are following the rules of the road. A negligent driver could suddenly collide with another motorist, causing the victim much harm.

According to recent reports, a Charlottesville man is facing charges following multi-car accident. Authorities believe he was under the influence of alcohol at the time, causing the accident injured himself and one other person. Based on police investigation, authorities were alerted several times of a wrong-way driver. Then, authorities received calls reporting that the wrong-way driver struck multiple vehicles.

The crashes occurred on I-64 and two victims were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The 23-year-old driver was arrested and charged with a DUI. It was also reported that additional charges are still pending; however, no additional information is available at this time.

The aftermath of a drunk driving accident is emotional, overwhelming and tragic. A victim is often shocked by the incident, not entirely knowing what to do. However, it is possible to hold a drunk driver accountable for his or her negligent conduct. A drunk driver not only faces potential criminal consequences but the motorist could also face civil liabilities as well. A personal injury action could help a victim address the losses they suffered such as medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages.