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How serious is truck driver fatigue?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Truck Accidents

We all get tired from time to time. This is often due to lack of sleep. And for some individuals in Virginia and elsewhere, the source of their fatigue is due to being overworked. A fatigued driver is dangerous to have on the roadways. However, it may be even more risky for an overworked and tired truck driver to be on the roadways. While federal trucking regulations seek to reduce hours of service violations, fatigued truck drivers are the cause of truck accidents every day.

How serious is fatigue among truck drivers? According to current research, electronic logging devices are designed to reduce truck driver fatigue and make the roads safer. However, these devices are not as effective as they were intended to be.

Recent studies have found that the benefits of using these devices have been offset by an increase in other unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding. While it was found that more truck drivers are in compliance with hours of service regulations, it was discovered that more truck drivers are speeding to make up for the loss in productivity caused by the mandate to log hours on the device. Thus, truck accidents are still prominent, and truck accidents can be the cause of serious collisions.

A truck accident can be a serious incident. The size of these vehicles is massive, meaning the destruction they cause in a crash will be significant. Some of the most severe accident injuries are caused by truck accidents that leave accident victims dealing with much pain and suffering. A victim does not have to deal with the aftermath of a truck accident on his or her own. Legal remedies may be available through a personal injury claim. This civil action could help with the recovery of compensation to address these losses.