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Domestic violence victims often suffer brain injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Brain Injuries

It is often the case that those who commit domestic violence against another person will try do so in a way that the victim’s injuries cannot be seen. One injury that can be caused by domestic violence is a brain injury.

Brain injuries are another “invisible” injury that may go unnoticed by medical professionals and law enforcement in Virginia and may result in domestic violence victims being placed in a very dangerous situation.

A victim can suffer a brain injury if they are hit on the head or are strangled by another person. One study reports 81% of women who suffered domestic violence and sought help had sustained a head injury and 83% had suffered strangulation. These injuries can cause ongoing health complications. These complications can include memory loss, cognitive difficulties, a lack of motivation, bad dreams, anxiety and issues with their vision and hearing. The women studied reported that they suffered head injuries or strangulation many times.

When people think of brain injuries, they may think of people suffering falls, or being injured in car crashes or sporting accidents. The fact that acts of domestic violence can lead to brain injuries that sometimes slips through the cracks. What is important to know, however, is that brain injury victims who have been harmed through an act of violence have rights.

One of these rights, in certain circumstances, is to pursue legal action against the party responsible for causing the injury. When it comes to domestic violence, victims may be able to pursue a lawsuit in civil court against their abuser. This is in addition to any criminal proceeding that may be happening. Thus, those who suffer brain injuries due to an act of domestic violence will want to seek professional guidance not just for help in leaving their dangerous situation but also in exploring what their options for compensation are.