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Magnet once recalled is back on market and causing injury risk

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Products Liability

In Virginia and across the nation, there is an expectation that products sold to the public will be safe to use. This is true with any item whether it is for everyday needs or for entertainment. Some products were previously released and were recalled due to a history of injuries and possible risk, but were subsequently re-released. One specific type of magnet falls into this category and has led to life-threatening injuries.

This rare-earth magnet is marketed to children and has the potential for injury and death. While they were once pulled from the shelves due to the risk, they are again being sold and children are being harmed. Children are swallowing these small, powerful magnets. This can cause internal injuries that result in long-term damage and even death.

Since they are “rare-earth” magnets, it means they are up to 30 times more powerful than regular magnets the type that are frequently seen on a person’s refrigerator. Because they are so strong, separating them can be difficult. This is problematic if swallowed. In 2014, they were banned. A divided federal court decision rescinded the ban in 2016. There were 281 reports of them being ingested in 2016. By 2019, that rose to 1,666. Parents have been advised to know the risk before buying them for their children.

Dangerous products can cause damage to adults and children alike. Even if the product is sold legally, it is not necessarily safe. This is important to remember when there was a product recall, but it was eventually allowed to be sold again. If dangerous children’s toys have led to injury or death, understanding how to file a legal claim for compensation is key. An attorney experienced in product liability may be able to help.