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April 2020 Archives

Veterans' facility at center of lawsuit regarding wrong medicine

There are many ways that someone may recklessly or negligently cause the death of someone else -- and what might be a crime in some situations may simply be called an "unfortunate accident" in others. Sometimes the lines are so blurred that it's hard to say if a crime was committed. That's when a wrongful death lawsuit can come into play. A wrongful death lawsuit can hold someone responsible for the preventable death of another -- even when there's been no legal crime committed.

Roanoke County truck crash kills two

We often take our lives in our hands when we hit the streets in Virginia. In some counties and cities, several people die every day due to car accidents and other collisions on the road. Although many of them are accidents that can hardly be avoided, several are due to reckless behavior by drivers.

Brain doctors consider how to help people with brain injuries

It's hard to fathom the decision-making process that physicians have to deal with every day. But if they did not have systems for making fast choices, more lives would be lost in emergency rooms and surgical suites all around the country. This is partially why doctors who handle monumental decisions often go through training beyond the four years of medical school.

Product liability lawsuit challenges third-party distributors

You would run out of fingers and toes before you could count every potentially dangerous product you have in your home. Some people, like parents and mechanical tradespeople, own products that could prove fatal to themselves or others if they do not work properly. When tragedies occur because of bad designs or manufacturing, one of our few recourses is to sue for financial damages.

Virginia shopping center damaged by trash truck crash

We wouldn't be able to buy much at our local grocery stores or clothing shops if it weren't for trucks. The garbage wouldn't be taken away and the oil tanks wouldn't be refilled either. The nation relies on trucking to survive, but that doesn't change the potential danger of heavy vehicles.

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