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Medical supply lawsuit reaches settlement with manufacturer

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Products Liability

We don’t get through much of the day without the help of appliances or other machines. From opening cans to driving across town, we constantly rely on products designed and built by people we will never meet. Occasionally, we are putting our lives in their hands.

This is why the civil court system in Virginia and elsewhere in the United States lets customers who have had problems with their purchased products take the makers and creators to task. Financial damages may seem like little comfort after an injury or death, but they can help families and other loved ones recover from an unjust loss.

A state attorney in West Virginia has scored a victory against a major medical supply manufacturer after thousands of lawsuits regarding the damage caused by their implants. The company settled a lawsuit that claimed they underrepresented the risks associated with their product.

“The improper marketing of medical products can put the health of consumers at risk,” said West Virginia’s attorney general. “This settlement demonstrates our office’s commitment to hold accountable corporations who ignore potential risks and side effects or omit such crucial details from the materials provided to doctors and patients.”

Other victims of faulty products may have a case for product liability if this fault caused damage or injury during normal use. An attorney can always help you examine a situation and see if any claims against designers and manufacturers could be possible in court. A settlement or verdict can have a life-changing effect at a difficult time accentuated by injuries or illnesses that could not be predicted.