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How do I recognize a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Brain Injuries

You may notice your reflexes are not what they were before. It may be harder to remember words or perform tasks you used to take for granted. A brain injury can have effects that are not obvious right away or even later, but they can be permanent and affect a person’s quality of life.

  • What is a brain injury under the law?

The legal world sees brain injury in substantially the same way as the medical world. Any trauma or medical problem that results in a permanent or temporary loss of function in the brain is considered a brain injury. They are particularly dangerous among injuries, more often resulting in death or permanent disability than any other trauma.

  • What are the general effects of brain injury?

They are hard to recognize, but long-term effects are often evident in abilities and behavior. Sudden changes in mood may be the result of brain injuries, as are inabilities to remember things in the short- or long-term. Brain injuries may also impact body functions like mobility in some or all limbs or overall balance while walking or running.

  • What are the legal options for people who suffered brain injuries?

If a specific trauma can be tracked to an event, the person who caused that event may be liable for the costs associated with the injury. This may be the case after a car accident or incident on a construction site.

  • Who can help with figuring out this option?

An attorney can recommend the best way forward after an accident involving a brain injury. Legal representation is also helpful if it is time to bring a matter to court.