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Truck overturns after rear-end crash outside Lynchburg

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Truck Accidents

If you’re driving up Interstate 81, you may pay a little more attention to the trucks on the road. That makes a lot of sense because collisions with a tractor-trailer or other heavy vehicle almost certainly mean serious damage to a car. Injury or even death are also possible consequences of a truck crash.

One concern on highways and other roads is a rear-end crash. Trucks take a while to accelerate, but they also take a while longer than smaller vehicles to slow down and stop. Highway construction, regular traffic and other things that could suddenly slow things down have to be approached carefully.

A truck crash outside Lynchburg overturned the vehicle and injured at least one person. The hauler was carrying asphalt when it struck a sport utility vehicle from the rear and fell onto its right side, spilling its cargo across the road. Charges are pending according to responding officers and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

Although criminal charges may apply to some truck accidents, the negligence or carelessness shown by a truck driver might not be considered criminal acts by a Virginia prosecutor. Even when they are, a conviction may do little for the good of the victims of a truck accident or the estate of people killed in one.

An attorney may be able to help advise on the best steps to take after a tragic truck accident. Legal representation is often a good idea when it’s time to take a case to civil court or seek a settlement for financial damages to help with recovery.