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Many people with car crash brain injuries don’t know at first

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2023 | Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are among the worst possible medical consequences of a car crash. Someone who hits their head, gets shaken around during a collision or suffers penetrating injuries could develop a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Brain injuries are also possible whenever an explosion occurs, as percussive force can also cause damage to the human brain. In the movies, when someone has a brain injury, they start bleeding from the nose, eyes or ears. They appear drunk or are otherwise obviously injured. The depiction of brain injuries in the media has led to a false understanding of what symptoms people actually have after a car crash, which unfortunately deters some people from getting crucial medical support.

Moderate brain injuries can manifest in a delayed-onset manner

It is certainly true that severe brain injuries may render someone immediately unconscious and may present obvious symptoms that are unignorable at the scene of a crash. However, mild to moderate brain injuries can also cause debilitating symptoms and lead to massive medical expenses.

Unlike severe injuries, they may take some time to manifest. Individuals may feel fine at the scene of the crash. They may notice a dull ache in their head but think that it is due to stress or their muscles tensing during the crash. It often takes several days for the swelling or bleeding associated with the TBI to produce very obvious and concerning symptoms.

That headache may continue getting worse, or someone may start noticing that their vision has become blurry. There are many different symptoms, which makes it even harder for people to recognize that they may have suffered a brain injury in a crash. Some people have sensory issues, other people have problems with their sense of balance. Brain injuries can also cause changes in personality and sleep difficulties, along with a host of other symptoms.

Timely medical care is critical with TBIs

The best way for someone to rule out the possibility of a severe injury that keeps getting worse after a wreck involves seeing a medical professional for an in-depth evaluation. A physician can more accurately screen someone for signs of a brain injury than a layperson without equipment and proper training.

Getting a quick diagnosis can improve someone’s prognosis if they have a brain injury following a recent car crash. Seeking legal guidance can also help to ensure that someone can afford the care that a brain injury requires.