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Some popular gifts for children can be dangerous

If you're doing your holiday shopping predominantly online this year, it's important to be particularly careful when buying toys and other gifts for children. When you can't see, feel and hear them for yourself, you may miss some potential dangers.

Product liability disclaimers don't really protect manufacturers

Consumers assume that the products offered by merchants are as safe as possible when they're looking to make a purchase. They don't expect that they will have to deal with an unsafe product as long as they're using it properly. When a consumer suffers an injury, they may choose to seek compensation against the manufacturer for an unsafe product. The manufacturers may battle against this claim.

Manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers of product dangers

Consumers who purchase products should always read the instructions carefully, so they know how to use the product safely. But, what happens when the instructions don't adequately describe how to use the product or they don't convey the appropriate warnings for the product?

3 points to know about injuries from unavoidably unsafe products

Individuals who purchase products expect that they will be able to use them safely. There are some products on the market that have serious risks, even when they're used properly. When one of these products causes an issue, there are specific criteria that must be met if you're going to file a claim for compensation.

How do people who suffer from bad products get help?

In the cities of the ancient Roman Empire, many shops featured the slogan "caveat emptor" - "let the buyer beware." This was an early form of legal disclaimer, putting the responsibility for safety and health squarely on the customer. But even the most carefully worded disclaimer today may not excuse the maker or seller from a trip to a courtroom.

What are the most dangerous consumer products on the market?

There are many consumer products on the market; however, some are more dangerous than others. Manufacturers and government regulators alike recall countless consumer products from the market due to some risk of serious bodily or life-threatening injuries every year.

Medical supply lawsuit reaches settlement with manufacturer

We don't get through much of the day without the help of appliances or other machines. From opening cans to driving across town, we constantly rely on products designed and built by people we will never meet. Occasionally, we are putting our lives in their hands.

Product liability lawsuit challenges third-party distributors

You would run out of fingers and toes before you could count every potentially dangerous product you have in your home. Some people, like parents and mechanical tradespeople, own products that could prove fatal to themselves or others if they do not work properly. When tragedies occur because of bad designs or manufacturing, one of our few recourses is to sue for financial damages.

Magnet once recalled is back on market and causing injury risk

In Virginia and across the nation, there is an expectation that products sold to the public will be safe to use. This is true with any item whether it is for everyday needs or for entertainment. Some products were previously released and were recalled due to a history of injuries and possible risk, but were subsequently re-released. One specific type of magnet falls into this category and has led to life-threatening injuries.

Who is liable for a dangerous or defective product?

Products liability law is an area of the law that protects victims of dangerous or defective products. It is important for injured victims who have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product to know who may be liable for the harm they have suffered. This way they can properly pursue a legal claim in hopes of recovering compensation for their damages.

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