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Posts tagged "brain damage"

Concussion brain damage may last longer than initially thought

Virginia football fans may have noticed the NFL's strict new rules this season regarding player concussions by taking men temporarily out of the game if one is believed to have been suffered. New research indicates that the brain injury may be more pernicious that previously thought, with the organ showing abnormalities even four months after a mild concussive event. The results also revealed a greater risk of re-injury than formerly believed, meaning that the NFL may have to watch their concussed players more closely.

Guardian caps versus concussions

Guardian Caps, padded shells made of polyurethane fabric, fit over helmets to reduce impacts to the head. The caps are in use in 35 states, including Virginia, but there's a controversy over whether they meet helmet certification standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment or whether they are out of bounds under the standards.

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