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Truck Accidents Archives

Truck accidents create concerns for victims and families

Truck accidents can have serious consequences for individuals and families. Because semi trucks typically weight 25 times more than a passenger vehicle, the dangers of a truck accident can be serious and the outcome can be far more catastrophic and than those outcomes associated with a passenger vehicle accident. Large truck accidents accounted for 4,995 fatalities and 106,000 injuries during 2006.

Virginia semi-truck accident injures fireman and sheriff's deputy

In a Virginia community a couple of hours east of the Roanoke City area a tractor trailer accident resulted in injuries to victims and charges for the driver. The driver of the tractor trailer has been charged with reckless driving following the semi-truck accident which occurred when the semi truck he was driving struck a fire truck which caused the fire truck to hit a sheriff's vehicle, splitting the fire truck in half.

Truck accident concerns in Virginia

Truck accidents can be caused a number of different ways, including because of defective parts, poor truck maintenance or driver error. While there has been a recent shift towards traffic enforcement concerning the trucking community, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations violations issued remain focused on vehicle-related violations as noted in inspection reports. There has been a focus on both maintenance violations and brake violations.

Fatal Virginia truck accident kills woman and driver is charged

Personal injury legal options work to protect a number of different types of victims involved in fatal truck accidents, as well as other types of accidents. A fatal truck accident in Virginia recently claimed the life of a woman. The woman was leaving a gas station after pumping gas when she was hit by a Mack truck that crossed the center double yellow lines as it was going around a curve and turned over onto the woman's car. The woman died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the Mack truck was uninjured and was charged with reckless driving.

Truck accident kills two Virginia motorcyclists, injures four

A serious tractor-trailer accident in a community a couple of hours south of the Roanoke City area recently claimed the life of one motorcycle rider and injured five others. The motorcyclists were traveling from northern Virginia and southern Maryland to a motorcycle rally in Atlanta. The truck accident occurred on a local freeway and involved a tractor trailer and six motorcycles. A 37-year old motorcyclist from Woodbridge, Virginia was killed instantly. A 51-year-old motorcyclist from South Chesterfield died of his injuries two days later. Four other motorcyclists, ranging in age from 44 to 57, were also injured in the semi-truck accident. One of the four was listed in stable condition following the accident. The remaining victims were treated for their injuries.

Tractor-trailer accident in Virginia results in damages

Truck accidents can occur in a variety of situations, leaving in their wake damages and challenges for victims. A recent tractor-trailer accident is being investigated by Virginian authorities. The truck accident occurred when the truck ran off the left side of the road, crossed the median into oncoming lanes of traffic in the southbound lanes and overturned. The tractor-trailer was hauling two trailers, and the second of the two trailers hit a passenger vehicle. The 36-year-old driver of the truck was killed and the 22-year-old driver of the passenger vehicle was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. The cause of the truck accident remains under investigation.

Truck accident causes can pose dangers for victims

The settlement comedian Tracy Morgan recently reached with Wal-Mart illustrates some of the dangers of the trucking industry. The settlement follows a truck accident involving a Wal-Mart truck driver and a Wal-Mart truck that injured Morgan. The truck driver had been driving for 24 hours without a break at the time of the truck accident. Some have expressed concerns that the truck accident revealed the serious nature of the dangers in the trucking industry and the possibility that an accident like Morgan's could be repeated.

How blind spots can play a role in Virginia truck accidents

For people on the road in Roanoke City, it is wise to keep a close eye on large trucks and be cautious when maneuvering one's vehicle in their vicinity. This is in part due to the sheer size of these vehicles and that their drivers are often on the road for extended periods. In addition, some drivers might flout the laws as to how long they are allowed to be out on the road without a sufficient break. Another issue, that is often overlooked when there is a truck accident, is the possibility that it occurred due to a blind spot.

Pursuing legal action after a truck accident in Virginia

In Virginia and across the entire nation, trucks are always on the road making deliveries and going back and forth across the country. Large and intimidating, these vehicles are so prominent because of their sheer size and the fact that the only thing preventing a truck accident with significant damage to life and limb is the driver and the way the truck was put together.

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