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How does a brain injury impact cognitive function?

Brain injuries can cause many impacts for the victim. For some individuals, the cognitive effects of the injury are problematic because it makes normal activities much more difficult. Cognitive abilities have to do with the way that you think or know things.

Understand why you may need compensation after a brain injury

Many types of accidents can lead to brain injuries, but not all brain injuries produce the same difficulties. Some victims will recover from their injuries with very little long term damage while others won't ever be able to get back to where they were prior to the accident.

Compensation is possible if a person's negligence leads to harm

Suffering from a brain injury means that your life may dramatically change. When the injury is the result of another person's negligence, you may realize that you shouldn't be the one who has to deal with the financial impacts of the injury. When this happens, you may opt to pursue a claim for compensation.

Stress response is altered by a traumatic brain injury

People who have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have many lifelong problems from the injury. Unfortunately, there aren't always easy solutions to these. Many patients will have a team of professionals to help them cope. This can include medical professionals, as well as people who focus on the mental health of the patient.

Brain injuries take time and help for recovery

Location, location, location. That buzzword isn't solely appropriate for real estate. After all, for patients who need to recover from serious and complex health issues, the trajectory of their recovery can depend greatly on the type of therapies and assistance that their rehab facility offers.

How do I recognize a brain injury?

You may notice your reflexes are not what they were before. It may be harder to remember words or perform tasks you used to take for granted. A brain injury can have effects that are not obvious right away or even later, but they can be permanent and affect a person's quality of life.

Computers join the fight against brain injury

Brain injuries have long been a threat to humans, leading to all sorts of personal protective equipment. Anyone rides a bike or works on a construction site can attest to the value of always wearing a helmet. But products for personal protection often have a limit, and people can still suffer injuries even when they work hard to prevent it.

Brain doctors consider how to help people with brain injuries

It's hard to fathom the decision-making process that physicians have to deal with every day. But if they did not have systems for making fast choices, more lives would be lost in emergency rooms and surgical suites all around the country. This is partially why doctors who handle monumental decisions often go through training beyond the four years of medical school.

Traumatic brain injuries: an overview

Virginia resident probably know what a concussion is, but this is just one of the many types of traumatic brain injuries. TBIs, as defined by the CDC, are brain injuries that disrupt the normal function of the brain. A person whose head is bumped, cracked, jolted or penetrated can incur a TBI.

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