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Tips for driving safely during the wintry weather season

Roanoke averages around 15 inches of snow per year and it's getting close to the time of year that we can expect it here. According to BestPlaces.net, snow is common in January, but February is the snowiest month of the year for this area. Because of this, now is the time for drivers to ensure they're ready to drive in the wintry weather.

Tips for parents traveling with children in the vehicle

One of the distractions that drivers face sometimes is that they are paying attention to other occupants of the vehicle. It's easy to say that this shouldn't happen but any parent knows that the chance of not having to pay attention to what's going on in the back of their car is slim.

A car crash can lead to civil and criminal court cases

Traveling on the nation's highways is usually a fairly safe event. There are some instances in which an unsafe driver might cause problems. If you come into contact with one of them and are injured, you might be ready to take action.

Age doesn't disqualify a person from being able to drive safely

Some drivers automatically assume that elderly individuals shouldn't be driving. The fact of the matter is that age doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a person's ability to drive safely. The factors that matter most include things like a driver's cognitive and physical ability to operate the vehicle.

I-81 crash kills 2 and involves at least 6 vehicles

Summer has come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and good weather often brings more drivers to Skyline Drive and the other scenic road in southwest Virginia. But that can also bring problems, as locals know. Interstate 81's journey up the Shenandoah Valley can be the location of some awful accidents.

2 killed in multi-vehicle crash that began with speeding

Although speeding is practically part of the American driving experience, it remains a crime because it is unnecessarily dangerous. Some experts say that the chances of dying in a car accident are ten times higher at 70 miles per hour than half that speed. As a result, we should all be more thoughtful about our velocity on highways.

Fatal car accident in Virginia Beach results in charges

Car accidents are just that. Unless someone means to hurt someone else with a vehicle, it is rare that the results of a crash result in an arrest. Even in cases in which a driver is at fault, criminal charges are rare unless a driver's negligence is ruled to be a criminal act.

Roanoke County truck crash kills two

We often take our lives in our hands when we hit the streets in Virginia. In some counties and cities, several people die every day due to car accidents and other collisions on the road. Although many of them are accidents that can hardly be avoided, several are due to reckless behavior by drivers.

Drowsy driving auto accidents a major risk on the road

Virginia residents and drivers across the nation should be aware of the danger of drowsy driving. It is so prevalent that regulatory agencies are dedicating entire weeks of the year to preventing it. Drowsy driving can lead to car accidents that cause injuries and fatalities.

Alleged drunk driving accident causes serious injuries

A Virginia couple are recovering after suffering serious injuries in a car accident reportedly caused by a drunk driver. The pair were driving home from an event on the night of Feb. 7 when they stopped at a red light behind another vehicle. However, they soon saw another vehicle rapidly approaching in the rear-view mirror, pursued by police lights. Before they knew it, that vehicle had crashed into the back of their car at 60 mph, causing severe damage.

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