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What are traumatic brain injuries and how are they caused?

Traumatic brain injuries are a major concern in the United States, causing numerous deaths and disabilities each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) contribute to 30 percent of all injury-related deaths. Each day in the United States, 138 individuals die from injuries that include TBI. In 2010, TBI contributed, overall, to the deaths of 50,000 individuals.

What are the different classifications of burn injuries?

When it comes to injuries that people in Roanoke City might suffer, two of the most frightening words that can be uttered are "burn injuries." Like other severe injuries such as head trauma and back injuries, the aftereffects of a burn injury can be awful. Knowing more about burns can assuage fears if it's something that is not serious, or help prepare the person for what they're confronted with on the road to recovery, if it is serious.

What is a skin graft and why might it be necessary?

Injuries can happen in a multitude of ways with an almost endless array of results in Roanoke City. One particular injury that can cause long-term damage and substantial pain to the victim - as well as massive medical costs - is a personal injury that requires a skin graft to correct. Knowing the details of a skin graft, when it might be needed, how it's done, and the dangers with it is important for those who might require it and their families.

Symptoms and seeking compensation for brain injuries

When a person in Roanoke City suffers a head injury, there are major problems that can arise in its aftermath. Even those who don't believe they were seriously hurt might have suffered injuries that don't manifest themselves immediately. It's important to recognize the symptoms - even the innocuous ones - as they come up, and to seek medical treatment.

What are long term costs for personal injury of the brain?

For people who suffer personal injury in an accident in Roanoke City, a brain injury can be one of the worst issues they have to deal with. Even if the individual gives the appearance of not being severely hurt, a head injury can have aftereffects that aren't known for an extended period. The symptoms can be slow to show themselves and treatment can be difficult. In addition, there are many costs that will arise. These are not just medical expenses, but other costs as well.

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