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Roanoke Personal Injury Law Blog

Area car accident leaves pedestrian dead

A fatal accident in Roanoke left a 71-year-old man dead after a car went off the road and slammed in to building belonging to a local retirement community. Before hitting the building, the driver struck the man who later died and also hit a fence. The man was standing along the side of the street near a bus stop. Immediately after the accident, police stated the man had suffered serious injuries and took him to an area hospital, where the man died. The driver of the vehicle that struck him was also taken to the hospital.

Police are still investigating the incident but are saying that the driver of the vehicle has cooperated in the process to this point. Police do not at this time suspect that the driver was speeding and also do not suspect alcohol and drugs. Police have suggested the driver may have had a hard time controlling the car because of a medical issue but also say that the matter will be forwarded to the county attorney for a review of charges or citations.

Federal "rest rules" and how they can help injured victims

Many truckers who travel through Virginia are subject to federal rules and regulations because they haul between states. Some of these regulations prevent truck driver fatigue by requiring truckers to rest periodically, even though the temptation might be to travel through the night and for as long as possible to be able to make more money.

In making these rules, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recognizes what many Roanoke residents already know: a fatigued truck driver is dangerous to the motorists on the road and more likely to cause serious truck accidents that can leave a Virginian permanently disabled or even dead.

When can a victim's family get punitive damages?

It is always sad when a Virginia family loses a loved one unexpectedly. In addition to the emotional fallout, there are usually financial repercussions due to unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and most importantly, lost income. Moreover, the emotional loss has some financial value of its own.

Because of the huge loss, it can be particularly hard for a family to understand when someone could have prevented the death, but through negligence, did not do so. In many cases, the person at fault will wind up paying compensation only for the damages he or she caused. In other though, a family may also be able to get punitive damages.

Understanding the pharmaceutical drug recall process

It is important that pharmaceutical drugs are safe for patients, and in the United States, they are required to be safe for patients. If it is determined that a drug poses a health threat to patients, it may be recalled. It is important for patients and consumers to understand why and how drugs can be pulled from the market and the legal protections they have if they have been harmed by a defective or dangerous drug.

Pharmaceutical drugs are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Once a drug has been approved by the FDA, the FDA continues to monitor the drug while it is on the market and available for patients and consumers. Potential problems with drugs can be reported to the Food and Drug Administration online or otherwise. Doctors make determinations concerning drugs to recommend to patients and researchers study and evaluate the effectiveness of different drugs, as well as side effects and the drug's comparison with other drugs that are similar in nature.

What is the impact of a brain injury?

The brain is a fragile organ, and it could be harmed or damaged in a car accident. A range of brain functions can be disrupted by a brain injury, which can be caused by either closed or open head injury. Traumatic brain injuries occur when sudden trauma damages the brain. Closed head injuries can potentially result in more damage than an open head injury. Victims and family members of victims who have suffered a brain injury may wonder what the impact will be on their lives.

Closed head and brain injuries can result in cognitive, behavioral and memory problems, partial or complete paralysis or a persistent vegetative state. Brain injuries can take time to recover from and may result in memory and personality problems. Behavioral problems that can be common following a brain injury include learning difficulties, poor self awareness, impulsivity, agitation, verbal and physical aggression and altered sexual function.

Hyundai recalls 600,000 vehicles for two separate defects

Most residents in Virginia rely on motor vehicles to get to and from their destinations. While automobiles might need some repairs, it is likely due to natural wear and tear on these parts and components. Motorists do not often consider the possibility of defects causing the vehicle to not work or even cause an automobile accident. However, victims of defective automobile have a variety of protections available to them.

According to recent reports, Hyundai announced the recall of 600,000 vehicles for two separate defects. The two auto defects relate to defective hood latches and parking brake warning lights. The largest of the two auto recalls impacts 437,000 Hyundai vehicles and includes two models from 2013 to 2017. The larger recall is due to a defective hood latch for the secondary hood latch that can corrode and fail to latch. The auto defect presents a danger of the hood flying up while driving and obscuring the driver's view if the primary hood latch is not secured.

Victims are protected following an ATV accident

There are different ways victims may be injured on an ATV, and there are different legal options for them to consider depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and if a negligent party was liable. ATV use is becoming increasingly popular, and Virginia is no exception with many residents who love to enjoy the mountains and other aspects of the outdoors on both 4 wheelers and 3 wheelers. ATV use, however, can be dangerous.

ATVs have the ability to obtain high speeds but do not have common safety features of other types of vehicles riders may be commonly familiar with. ATV accidents can result in serious and catastrophic injuries that may last for a lifetime and leave the victim with sometimes staggering physical, financial and emotional damages. Victims may find themselves buried in medical expenses and may be unable to work as a result of an ATV accident.

What victims need to know about brain injury claims for damages

The harm associated with a brain trauma may not always be immediately evident, so it is important for victims and their families to be familiar with what to watch for following a traumatic accident, such as a car accident, and potential head injury. Brain injuries can cause permanent or temporary disruptions to the function of the brain and may result in death.

Victims of brain injuries can suffer significant changes to their daily lives. Traumatic brain injury sufferers may face significant cognitive challenges, physical challenges and emotional challenges associated with a brain injury suffered in a car or other type of accident. When the victim's brain injury was caused by the negligence or careless of another party, they may be able to recover compensation for damages to help with the costs and challenges associated with brain injuries.

Virginia truck accidents kills teen, critically injures another

Traveling with large commercial trucks is expected on major roads in Virginia and elsewhere. While this is a common occurrence, this does not mean that motorists do not have fears and apprehensions. These large vehicles do not maneuver like smaller vehicles, and they can generate much damage in the event of an accident. Victims of truck crashes and their families have important protections through the legal process.

A truck driver was recently arrested following a fatal truck accident in Virginia. The truck accident killed one victim and left another critically injured. The initial investigation of the accident, which left one teenager dead and another in critical condition, revealed that the driver of the delivery truck lost control of the truck, over-corrected and crossed the center line, hitting the vehicle the two teenagers were traveling in.

What should I know about a traumatic brain injury?

Brain injuries can occur from a variety of different accidents, including car accidents and other types of accidents. Victims likely have many questions following such an incident and suffering a major injury. Victims of brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries or TBI, can experience cognitive challenges, perceptual challenges, physical challenges and behavioral and emotional challenges following a traumatic brain injury. Approximately 2.6 million victims suffer brain injuries in the United States each year. Approximately 52,000 victims in the U.S. die as a result of TBI.

The cognitive impact of a traumatic brain injury can include difficulty processing information, difficulty expressing thoughts, difficulty understanding what others are communicating, impaired decision making, memory loss, shortened attention span and an inability to comprehend abstract concepts. The perceptual impact of a traumatic brain injury can include changes in vision, hearing and the sense of touch, balance issues, disorders of smell and taste, inability to sense time, spatial disorientation and heightened sensitivity to pain.

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