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Steering clear of danger: Roanoke’s most dangerous roads in 2023

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Car Accidents

This is a map of all Roanoke car accidents in 2023. Data is courtesy of the Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS). Note that the crashes displayed on the map are only those which have validated GPS information. Top accident areas include:

  • The stretch of Electric Road near US-221 with 97 accidents in 2023
  • The stretch of Electric Road near US-220 with 92 accidents in 2023
  • The stretch of I-81 near Electric Road with 91 accidents in 2023
  • Virginia Ave and Washington Ave in Vinton with 138 accidents combined on both roads in the area in 2023.

In the area surrounding Roanoke, the majority of accidents were along well traveled interstates and highways. More specifically, in 2023 the Department of Motor Vehicles for the Commonwealth of Virginia reported the following accident data:

  • US-250. The agency reports approximately 700 accidents at US-250 through Richmond. The largest percentage of accidents occurred at the intersection with N. Belvidere St.
  • I-64. More than 570 accidents along the stretch of the highway that winds through the north end of Richmond. The agency also reported majority of accidents along this stretch of interstate at the intersection with N. Belvidere St.
  • I-581. 544 accidents along this stretch of highway through Roanoke with almost half near the interchange with Route 460.
  • I-264. Over 600 accidents throughout portions of this highway that run from Norfolk to Virginia Beach.

It is important to note that this data includes accidents due to drunk driving, speeding, and negligence and range from relatively minor to catastrophic. This information can help drivers plan their travel, sometimes choosing a safer route.

These main thoroughfares are not the only areas to be wary when driving through Virginia. Locals and tourists alike are also wise to drive with increased caution through mountain passes and costal routes. These roadways are just a sample of Virginia’s hazardous routes. Drivers must understand that the beauty of a drive does not negate the risks involved. Remember, safety on these roads is paramount. Drive wisely, stay informed, and respect the road.