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Are car accidents more common around the holidays?

With Halloween under our belt, many residents in Virginia and elsewhere are prepared for the holiday season approaching. No matter what holidays a person celebrates, these next few months are often busy with celebrations and family gatherings. While this is an enjoyable time, it is also a time where the roads are crowded, winter weather impacts the roads and motorists are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol.

Are car accidents more common around the holidays? Based on data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 728 people are injured between Thanksgiving and New Years' Day in drunk driving accidents. This rate is around two to three times higher than the rate experienced the rest of the year.

The product recall process for defective vehicles

Virginia residents often rely on motor vehicles to get around. Because it is a commonly used consumer good, many do not consider the defects and dangers that could occur just by simply using the product. Much like any product could be subjected to defects, a motor vehicle could have a problem or defect, deeming it dangerous. When a motor vehicle contains a defective component part, this could result in serious harms to a consumer, even resulting in deaths.

Much like any product recall, there is a process to recall a vehicle or a component part. The first step is to have the problem reported. This allows for the complaint to be added to a public NHTSA database. If similar reports are received, this could indicate that a safety-related defect might exist. The next step is to investigate. If it is possible that a defect exists, an open investigation will be conducted.

Wegmans hummus recalled due to plastic found in product

When we purchase goods from the store, we expect to get what we pay for. Unfortunately, mistakes and errors can be made. This can cause a seemingly harmless product to suddenly turn dangerous. This ultimately can result in a consumer suffering serious harms. And, if these harms are due to the defects caused by a manufacturer, designer or retailer, it is possible to seek recourses for the resulting losses.

According to recent reports, the store brand of hummus at the Wegmans grocery store chain was recently recalled. This product recall occurred after the concern that this product may contain pieces of black plastic. This retailer has stores in six states, which includes Virginia.

What is the recovery process for a minor brain injury?

When accidents happen, a victim could suffer a wide range of injuries. When a head is impacted, trauma to the head can be severe. In other cases, a minor hit or blow to the head could cause harm to one's head. This could result in a minor brain injury, such as a concussion. While this is a minor brain injury, a concussion could effect a Virginian for some time, impacting one's ability to socialize, hold down a job and lead a normal life. Because of this, it is important to consider the steps it takes to recover from such an injury.

A concussion might seem like a common and rather minor head injury. While it is likely a minor brain injury, the reality is that some damage can be caused with each concussion. Because of this, victims that suffer a concussion in an accident should consider the recovery process, especially if this is not the first concussion he or she has suffered.

Causes and symptoms of a TBI

When Virginians thinks of a head trauma, they think of a severe injury that effects an accident victim in many ways. In many cases, a head injury is the most severe injury one could endure, making it vital that one not only takes the time to heal and recover, but also understand the cause. When a negligent party is the cause of an accident, a victim suffering a brain injury could seek compensation for this severe injury.

There are many causes of a traumatic brain injury or a TBI. This typically includes physical violence, a sports injury, blows to the head, falls, trips and accidents, traffic accidents and gun accidents. When a TBI occurs, the brain is often abruptly pushed against the skill with force. This can result in various damage, including bleeding, swelling and bruising. A TBI could also be the result of a jolt, bump or an object penetrating the skull.

Truck accidents

Nowadays, individuals in Virginia and elsewhere rely on shopping for things on-line. It is not only convenient to go to the store on the weekends or after work, making on-line shopping one's go-to for most things that they need. Because of this, goods are shipped all across the state and nation, and the trucking industry is relied on to get these deliveries to their final destination on a timely basis. While large trucks, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers is an efficient way to ship goods, this can cause many risks on the roadways. When a truck driver or trucking company does not follow federal trucking regulations, this could be the cause of a serious and even fatal truck crash.

At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Crandall & Associates, our skilled attorneys understand the devastation that can behalf victims of a truck crash Because of this, we are dedicated to guiding our clients on their path towards justice. This process begins by understanding the cause of the accident.

Why are there fatigued truck drivers on the roadways?

Virginians have done it at one point or another: push through a task when they are tired. The days get busy and our schedules get overloaded, but there is a difference between working on a school assignment or a work project late into the night and driving through the night to make a delivery or shipment. Unfortunately, truck drivers are often tasked with traveling long distances, meaning they drive long hours. This creates a great concern for fatigued driving. Although federal trucking regulations address this, they unfortunately do not prevent it from occurring and causing truck crashes.

Why are there fatigued truck drivers on the roadways? When victims are harmed in a truck crash, he or she may not automatically think, "how did this happen?"

Car accidents and the loss of companionship

There are many risks and dangers in life. Though, many individuals in Virginia and elsewhere do not think about them on a daily basis. Take automobiles, for example. There are many risks associated with operating a vehicle and even being a passenger, but it is unlikely that these risks are thought about every time a person travels in a vehicle. Due to the current statistical rate of car crashes, it is not a surprising event. However, being involved in a car accident is a shocking event for those involved, as the injuries and damages can be severe.

For the most part, when it comes to pain and suffering in a car accident, one thinks about the physical damages. The injuries involved in a car crash can be tremendous. But, this is likely not the only suffering brought on by the incident. One type of damage suffered is known as loss of companionship.

Three students injured in 2 bus crashes

Motor vehicle collisions can happen at any time and can involve a wide range of vehicles. Whether it's during the early morning rush hour to work, on the way to school or while you are on your way to the store, a crash could happen for a wide array of reasons. Thus, it is important to understand what caused the crash and who might be responsible, as it is possible to hold them accountable for any harm suffered.

According to recent reports, a bus accident recently occurred in Chesapeake. Authorities in Virginia reported that there were injuries involved in the accident that involved two school buses. Emergency crews were called to the 2600 block of Broad Street during the afternoon hours.

What are the different levels of brain injuries?

Being involved in a serious accident in Virginia often means suffering serious injuries. When compared to the types of accident injuries one could suffer, a head injury is arguably the most severe. The brain is a vital organ, and any trauma to it could change one's life forever. But, not all head injuries are the same, making it important to understand the different types and levels of brain injuries.

What are the different levels of brain injuries? To begin, there are concussions. This is considered minor head trauma. However, when a person suffers multiple concussions, this could result in substantial difficulties or impairments. A direct blow to the head frequently causes this type of brain injury.

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