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Understanding traumatic brain injuries

It is apparent that accidents can simply happen anywhere in Virginia, including Roanoke City. However, accidents are also the aftermath of negligence, distractions and recklessness. When an individual is careless, thus causing an accident, those harmed in the accident could suffer traumatic injuries. While suffering any type of injury is serious, one of the most severe an accident victim could suffer is a head injury.

A brain injury is a complex injury that is suffered by 2.4 million people each year. This injury can range in severity and includes a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. With regards to traumatic brain injuries, these could be the result of two types of injuries: an open brain injury or a closed brain injury. An example of an open brain injury is a penetrating injury, which occurs when an object enters the brain. A closed brain injury occurs when there is internal pressure of shearing. Either type could occur in an automobile accident.

Three injured in Roanoke head-on crash

Motorists in Virginia and elsewhere rely on motor vehicles to get around. While they are convenient and widely used, motor vehicles present many risks. When driven unsafely, vehicles could become deadly on the roadways. Thus, when a motor vehicle accident occurs, it is often suspected that a driver was being negligent, was distracted or even under the influence of alcohol.

Throughout the year, inclement weather impacts the roadways in Virginia. When heavy rain fills the roads, drivers are expected to reduce their speeds so they can travel safely. Because hydroplaning is a risk, drivers should drive with caution. Failure to do so could result in a collision. This is what happened recently in Roanoke. According to reports, a head-on collision occurred in the morning hours on the 3900 block of Jae Valley Road.

Seeking legal recourses following a truck crash

During the winter months, residents in Virginia and elsewhere tend to see a spike in large truck traffic. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are used to transport goods, many of which as purchased as gifts. Because of this, these large trucks fill the roads in an attempt to get these products to their final destinations. However, truck drivers can be under a lot of pressure, causing them to work long hours and travel long distances.

Even though most motorists are used to sharing the road with large trucks, it can still get nerve-wrecking to travel next to one or multiple trucks. Because trucks have large blind spots, it is easy for smaller vehicle to go unnoticed. This can be problematic when a truck driver is attempting to change lanes or make a maneuver.

What is the product recall process?

Christmas and other holidays celebrated in the winter are an exciting time. Many gifts are exchanged and individuals in Virginia and elsewhere are excited to try out these new items. It may seem obviously, but these gifts are purchased and exchanged with the idea that they will work as they were intended. Unfortunately, some of these items may not work properly, at all or even cause a consumer to suffer injuries. In these matters, it is important for consumers to consider their rights and options if such a situation arises.

Take for example a product recall. These are issued in various situations, such as food being contaminated, a product defect causing injury or unknown dangers associated with a properly working product. When a company is aware of such situations, they are required by law to issue a recall, allowing consumers the opportunity to return a product, exchange it or even alert them to simply stop using it.

What is a manufacturing defect?

With the holidays in full swing, many are purchasing last minute gifts. Whether it is a new, hot item or something that has been on the market for some time, consumers expect that what they are purchasing will work as advertised. Unfortunately, errors could be made when a product is designed, manufactured and sold. Such errors could lead to defects, causing a product to not work, malfunction and even become dangerous. Such a situation could result in a consumer suffering serious injuries and damages.

Defects could occur for a variety of reasons, one being related to the manufacturing process. What is a manufacturing defect? Simply put, it is a defect that occurs in the manufacturing process. Even when a product is designed properly, errors in the manufacturing process can cause even the most well-designed product to become defective or dangerous.

You may want to think twice before buying some toys

Toys have been, and remain, popular Christmas gifts to give to children and babies. Kids in Roanoke, Virginia, often enjoy playing with toys of all types, and that inherent gratitude can give the adults in their lives a lot of pleasure as well.

Most toys are safe for children to use, but there are unfortunately some that are on the market which may wind up tarnishing the holiday season with an injury or, in the worst cases, even the death of a child or a baby.

Data suggests distracted driving increases during holidays

With the holiday season already in full swing, there are many expectations. To begin, one is likely to spend time with family. Additionally, presenting giving and receiving will also occur. Finally, many residents in Virginia and elsewhere can expect to travel by motor vehicle to get to these holiday gatherings and celebrations. This time behind the wheel could be something that can create unhappiness this holiday season. Not just because traffic is likely to be bad, but also because many drivers will be tempted to use their phones while driving.

Distracted driving is already a major issue across the nation. However, reports indicate that this dangerous behavior is expected to increase during the holidays. Based on data collected with driving apps, which track whether a person is driving a vehicle while using an app, there is an increase in 33 percent of distracted driving during the holidays.

The recovery process of a brain injury

Suffering injuries in a Virginia accident can be a shocking time for an accident victim. Even when injuries are minor, the incident can cause time away from work and medical bills related to treatment. These hardships can increase significantly when the injuries suffered are much more severe. Take a brain injury for example. This is one of the most severe injuries one could suffer in an accident, and could result in long-term or permanent damage.

When an accident victim suffers a brain injury, he or she can likely expect a long road to recovery. In cases where the injury is serious, it is possible that the victim falls into a coma, a vegetative state or even a minimally conscious state. The swelling, bleeding and the changes to the brain chemistry that often follow a brain injury can affect healthy brain tissue. It can take time for the swelling to go down and for the brain function to improve.

Helping you recover compensation following a brain injury

Since we were little, we were often told that we only have one head, meaning, we should be more careful when doing certain activities. With regards to automobiles, motorists in Virginia and elsewhere do not often think about protecting their heads while traveling in a vehicle. However, the reality is that a head trauma is a likely injury in a car accident.

While many injuries could befall an accident victim, the unfortunate reality is that few injuries are more severe than a brain injury. This type of injury is not only difficult to treat, but also can be challenging or impossible to fully recover from. Thus, a victim is often left with many damages and financial hardship following an accident that has caused a brain injury.

Are car accidents more common around the holidays?

With Halloween under our belt, many residents in Virginia and elsewhere are prepared for the holiday season approaching. No matter what holidays a person celebrates, these next few months are often busy with celebrations and family gatherings. While this is an enjoyable time, it is also a time where the roads are crowded, winter weather impacts the roads and motorists are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol.

Are car accidents more common around the holidays? Based on data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 728 people are injured between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day in drunk driving accidents. This rate is around two to three times higher than the rate experienced the rest of the year.

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