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What are the common causes of truck accidents?

With millions of commercial trucks traveling on the roadways across the nation, it is no wonder that motorists in Virginia and elsewhere are used to sharing the roads with the massive vehicles. These large trucks are beneficial and valuable to society, as they provide a adequate and favorable method to transport goods and products. However, commercial trucks pose many risks, even causing serious and fatal truck accidents.

According to current statistics, the number of truck accidents occurring on the roadways across the nation is increasing. In fact, when considering the data from the past decade, the number of truck crashes has increased by 20 percent. As this is an alarming discovery, researchers wanted to explore what was causing such a peak.

Distracted driving car accidents remain a growing concern

Whether we are driving down the street or across the country, it is likely that our cellphones are nearby. In fact, many drivers have their cellphones right next to them, as they use them to text and call while they are driving. This form of distracted driving is dangerous. It is so dangerous, in fact, that this type of distracted driving causes many deaths each year.

Current studies indicate that the deaths occurring on U.S. highways have been increasing. This trend remains, despite the fact that vehicles are getting safer and safer each year. So why is this trend occurring? The explanation is people. Motorists decide to be unsafe behind the wheel of a vehicle, causing accidents to be more likely than ever. Although vehicles are getting better when it comes to safety, motorists are not doing any better to maintain their focus while operating a motor vehicle.

Driver trapped and seriously injured in Virginia head-on crash

When motorists in Virginia get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are tasked with operating the vehicle safely. Unfortunately, there are various obstacles that can get in the way of a driver operating a motor vehicle safely. Distractions, recklessness and intoxication could cause a driver to unsafely operate a vehicle, even causing the automobile to drift from their lane. Whether it is because a driving is texting, speeding or under the influence of alcohol, traveling into the wrong way of traffic could result in a serious or even fatal head-on collision.

Emergency crews were dispatched to a head-on collision in Bedford County recently. According to preliminary investigation, the crash occurred at the intersection of Forest Road and Settlers Way at around 8:00 p.m. Heavy damage was reported to both vehicles, and Virginia authorities dispatched that there was an entrapment. Additional emergency vehicles arrived at the accident site and quickly extricated the driver from the vehicle.

What is a products liability action?

Unfortunately, things can break. Whether it is big or small, expensive or cheap, the products that we use do not last forever. While products breaking because of misuse or the age of a product are likely to occur, a product breaking because of a defect is unexpected. Consumers using a defective product could suddenly find themselves dealing with much pain and suffering because of the injuries suffered.

Dangerous and defective products cause many injuries every year in Virginia and other states across the nation. When these events occur, consumers may seek to recover damages for losses and injuries suffered. A civil action helps an injured consumer hold a negligent party responsible for their harms while also collecting compensation for the financial losses endured.

Risk of dementia after a TBI could last for more than 30 years

Most individuals in Virginia understand that the brain is a vital organ. A brain not only provides cognitive thought but is also the source of memories and what makes a person himself or herself. Thus, when the brain is injured, this can disrupt a person's life significantly. This is often apparent immediately; however, some brain injuries cause an accident victim to suffer years or even decades after the incident.

Based on current studies, a traumatic brain injury increases a person's risk of dementia. This risk remains fro more than 30 years after the trauma occurred. One should note, however, that researchers found that the risk of dementia does decrease over time as well. Although dementia has been linked with TBIs, the risks associated with a TBI over time have not been well studied.

Helping you navigate a civil claim after suffering a brain injury

When we think of brain trauma, we often think of concussions suffered by athletes. While this is a concerning type of injury caused by contact sports, this is not the only cause of a brain injury. Even more so, these injuries can be much more severe than a concussion. Those in Virginia and elsewhere involved in a serious accident could suffer a wide range of injuries, including those to the head. A serious brain injury could cause immediate health issues, while also causing long-term or life-long problems.

There are few injuries that are as severe and as devastating as a brain injury. The brain is a vital organ, and any damage to it could alter a person's personality, ability to remember and even disrupt his or her cognitive abilities. Thus, a person after a brain injury can be vastly different from the person they were prior to the accident that caused the head trauma.

The dangers of truck driver fatigue in trucking industry

When night rolls around, many of us in Virginia plan to turn in for the night and get some sleep. This is not the case for everyone though, as some individuals work during the nighttime hours. Some even drive during the late hours of the night for work. In some industries, such as the trucking industry, it is necessary to travel at night to get shipments delivered on time. The concern with this, like any driver traveling late at night or on little sleep, is that a truck driver will get drowsy behind the wheel or even fall asleep.

According to current studies, everyone needs roughly seven or more hours of sleep per night. Nonetheless, research found that more than one-third of people do not get enough sleep. When an individual does not get enough sleep, not only does this pose health risks, but it also increases a person's chance of getting in a car or truck crash when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Drowsy driving is a concern for ridesharing auto drivers

We tend to live busy lives. Sometimes we are too busy to eat, other times too busy to sleep. In some cases, we are so busy that we rely on other people to drive us to our destinations. Whatever the situation, when we get too busy to do one thing, it might impact the ability to do another. Take, for example, sleep deprivation. When we are behind on sleep, this can impact our ability to function. Our bodies may be weak and our minds fogged. This is not a safe condition to be in while driving; however, some motorists in Virginia and nationwide decide to take such a risk.

According to a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, fatigue and sleepiness are both inherent safety risks for motorists in general, but also in the ride sharing industry. However, due to the typical schedules of ridesharing drivers, circadian influences and sleep deprivation increases the risk for drowsy driving for these drivers.

Driver charged in multi-vehicle crash in Virginia

Vehicles of various sizes and weights share the roadways in Virginia and elsewhere. Each of these vehicles, whether they are personal vehicles or work vehicles, are attempting to get to their final destinations. When traffic becomes heavy, this can add minutes to a driver's commute. When drivers are not paying attention, do not signal a turn or lane change or are driving too fast or too close to other vehicles, this poses many risks on the roadways. This could result in an automobile collision, possibly involving multiple vehicles.

According to recent reports, a multi-vehicle crash occurred in Montgomery County. Based on preliminary investigation, the accident occurred on Interstate 81 and involved three cars and a tractor-trailer. This large crash caused lane closures, as the vehicles and debris covered many lanes. Roughly 4.5 miles of backup traffic resulted.

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

Because the brain is a vital organ, any injury that could impact it is treated seriously. A brain injury, minor or major, could impact a person's ability to think clearly and function as they once could. Whether it is in an automobile crash, slip-and-fall accident or because of a defective product, a brain injury has the tendency of not showing itself immediately. In fact, many head trauma victims do not show signs of injury until hours or days after the incident that caused in the injury. Thus, it is important for individuals in Virginia to be aware of how to spot the signs and symptoms of a brain injury and what medical treatment is necessary.

First, when one experiences head trauma it is important to seek medical attention. This is true even if one believes they are fine and can just shake it off. The truth of the matter is that even a minor concussion could cause permanent harm to a victim.

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