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Semitruck rollovers are often due to negligence

Semitruck drivers have to ensure that they're always driving safely. The large and heavy trucks can cause a lot of damage to other vehicles, especially when the trailer is fully loaded. One of the risks that these truckers have is that their rig will rollover. This can cause them to crush vehicles that are in the path of the vehicle.

There are many reasons why rollovers might occur. These include failing to properly assess the road conditions, such as not realizing that a curve is too tight for the truck's current speed and not having time to compensate for those factors. This might occur if the driver is distracted by non-driving factors or if they are too tired to drive safely.

Compensation is possible if a person's negligence leads to harm

Suffering from a brain injury means that your life may dramatically change. When the injury is the result of another person's negligence, you may realize that you shouldn't be the one who has to deal with the financial impacts of the injury. When this happens, you may opt to pursue a claim for compensation.

There are many things that you might need to include in your claim for compensation. For example, the medical bills you've paid should be part of it, but you can't forget about the money your insurance company paid. The insurance company can come after you due to subrogation, which enables them to turn to you for repayment of what the company paid if your claim is successful.

3 points to know about injuries from unavoidably unsafe products

Individuals who purchase products expect that they will be able to use them safely. There are some products on the market that have serious risks, even when they're used properly. When one of these products causes an issue, there are specific criteria that must be met if you're going to file a claim for compensation.

In order to launch a lawsuit if you're harmed by a product that's unavoidably unsafe, you'll have to look closely at what happened to cause the injury. Typically, you must be using it in the intended manner and following the instructions provided with it.

Age doesn't disqualify a person from being able to drive safely

Some drivers automatically assume that elderly individuals shouldn't be driving. The fact of the matter is that age doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a person's ability to drive safely. The factors that matter most include things like a driver's cognitive and physical ability to operate the vehicle.

As people age, their cognitive abilities can start to decline. The same is true of their physical abilities. There isn't any set age for this to happen. It just depends on the individual and how their aging process is going. If there are concerns about the person's ability to drive, the person should have an evaluation with their doctor to determine whether it's suitable for them to continue to drive or not.

4 elements that must be present for wrongful death

Learning that you lost a loved one in a car wreck is a traumatic experience. It might become even more difficult to cope with the situation if you learn that the crash was caused because of a negligent driver. It's normal to feel upset, and some individuals might get downright angry. Instead of using those emotions to fuel negative situations, you can use them to push your desire to seek justice for your loved one's death.

One option that you have is to file a wrongful death claim. This is an opportunity to use the legal system to seek financial compensation from the person whose negligence claimed your loved one's life.

Stress response is altered by a traumatic brain injury

People who have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have many lifelong problems from the injury. Unfortunately, there aren't always easy solutions to these. Many patients will have a team of professionals to help them cope. This can include medical professionals, as well as people who focus on the mental health of the patient.

One of the long-term impacts that's common after a TBI is a difficulty dealing with stress. This can affect the victim's social life, and it can also have effects on their career if they're able to work. The brain controls the body's reactions to stress, so damage to the areas of the brain that handle this can change how the body handles stressful situations.

Don't accept financial ruin after a semitruck crash

Traveling on the nation's highways shouldn't be an invitation to be involved in a semitruck crash, but these wrecks happen on a daily basis. Unfortunately, victims often face considerable injuries that can lead to financial ruin.

There are many damages that are possible because of a semitruck slamming into your vehicle. You may have exorbitant medical bills stemming from the evaluation and care you need after the wreck. There really isn't a good reason why the victim of these crashes should be held liable for these expenses. Instead of just accepting that your financial state will dramatically change for the worst, you can seek compensation for the damages you suffer.

I-81 crash kills 2 and involves at least 6 vehicles

Summer has come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and good weather often brings more drivers to Skyline Drive and the other scenic road in southwest Virginia. But that can also bring problems, as locals know. Interstate 81's journey up the Shenandoah Valley can be the location of some awful accidents.

A multivehicle crash at the line between Wythe and Pulaski counties has claimed at least two lives. Tractor-trailers and passenger cars were among the six vehicles involved in the incident. The Virginia State Police is investigating the accident to help determine how it began.

Brain injuries take time and help for recovery

Location, location, location. That buzzword isn't solely appropriate for real estate. After all, for patients who need to recover from serious and complex health issues, the trajectory of their recovery can depend greatly on the type of therapies and assistance that their rehab facility offers.

Brain injuries, for example, can have a lot of different consequences for years to come after an initial trauma. The first treatments may include long diagnostic periods that include medication or even surgery. Rehabilitation after these phases can often prove to be both daunting and expensive.

How do people who suffer from bad products get help?

In the cities of the ancient Roman Empire, many shops featured the slogan "caveat emptor" - "let the buyer beware." This was an early form of legal disclaimer, putting the responsibility for safety and health squarely on the customer. But even the most carefully worded disclaimer today may not excuse the maker or seller from a trip to a courtroom.

What is the legal protection for customers?

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