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Fatal Virginia crash after cement truck fails to yield

Many drivers do it. They make a quick stop at a stop sign because they do not want to be stuck at an intersection for a long time. They see an opportunity to quickly travel through or make a turn, thus failing to yield to the vehicles that have the right of way. This might seem like a minor action, but when it is a large truck that fails to yield and it is an automobile traveling trough the intersection, the aftermath can be tragic.

This is what recently happened after an unfortunate crash in Virginia Beach. According to reports, the collision involved a cement truck and a Cadillac Seville at the 100 block of Oceana Boulevard. Police indicated that the 70-year-old female driving the Cadillac was traveling northbound on Oceana Boulevard when a cement truck pulled out into an intersection with a private access road.

How have hours of service regulations impacted the industry?

We all notice how large trucks fill the roadways in Virginia and nationwide, as there are many necessities and goods that need to be transported long and short distances. While this is needed for our economy to thrive, it is clear that the longer a person is behind the wheel, the chances of being involved in a collision increases. To address this problem, federal regulations have been passed to better enforce hours of service rules. However, these changes may have their setbacks.

How have hours of service regulations impacted the industry? Recently a new law that required truck drivers to use an electronic logging device impacted the trucking industry throughout the U.S. The idea is that this device would keep track of the time spent driving. But by implementing this law and increasing the enforcement of hours of service regulations, other areas have been taking a hit when it comes to costs and funding this new requirement.

Establishing liability in a truck accident

Large trucks tend to flood the highways in Virginia and other states across the nation. Because they can hold large shipments and travel great distances, these vehicles are ideal for transporting goods. Additionally, interstate and intrastate commerce rely on these vehicles to get these shipments to their destinations in a timely manner. Because weather can sometimes impact the ability to get somewhere on time, some truck drivers decide to take the risk of traveling when the roads are covered with rain, snow, sleet or ice. This can increase the danger of accidents. Truck drivers may also travel for a longer period of time than they are permitted, driving faster than they should.

A negligent truck driver or trucking company can cause a truck accident. Both parities are required to follow federal trucking regulations, which ensures that drivers are properly trained, get enough rest between shifts and do not go over the hours of service regulations. When truck drivers or trucking companies do not follow these rules, and an accident ensues, they could face liability.

Helping people recover damages following a brain injury

As most Virginia residents can attest, automobile accidents occur rather frequently on the roadways throughout the commonwealth. While motorists who drive by accident sites might be relieved that it was not them, the unfortunate reality is that motor vehicle accidents can occur at any time to any one. When accidents happen, victims could suffer serious and life-threatening injuries.

One of the worst injuries a motor vehicle victim could suffer is an injury to the head. A brain injury could significantly alter a person's ability to think, speak, walk and even function as they once could. Thus, victims suffering from a brain injury are likely to endure physical, mental, emotional and financial hardships.

How serious are traumatic brain injuries?

A serious accident can cause a normal, healthy individual in Virginia to suddenly become disabled. An injury to the brain can significantly disrupt a person's ability to function normally. This could mean not being able to think clearly, control emotions or even walk. Because it causes the injured person to no longer function as he or she once could, it is likely that victims of an accident causing a brain injury could need compensation for their treatment, recovery and other losses.

Initially, it might be obvious that a victim of an accident suffered a head trauma; however, over time, it is often the least outwardly visible injury. Over the past few years, public awareness of this often-deadly injury has expanded. But this does not change the fact that this is a complex condition that requires a wide range of treatments.

The dangers of texting and driving

We've all heard it. Using technology while driving is a dangerous activity. So dangerous that it is considered to be just as dangerous as drunk driving. When a person picks up their cell phone while driving, both of their hands are no longer being used to drive, their eyes are no longer on the road and their mind is not focusing on the task of driving. These three distractions are what make texting and driving so dangerous.

But if motorists in Virginia and nationwide are well aware of these dangers, and collisions continue to occur because of this form of distracted driving, why is it not considered to be an epidemic? When it comes to current statistics for injuries and deaths caused by texting drivers, it is clear that we need to focus on efforts to prevent them.

Virginia driver loses control and hits sledding children

Winter weather means a variety of things to those living in Virginia and elsewhere. Some enjoy the snow and partake in a wide range of winter activities, and others choose to travel to warmer climates to avoid the cold weather. Regardless of a person's liking of the snow and cold weather, the reality is that winter weather can significantly impact road travel. Roads can be snow covered, slick with ice and it can be difficult to see. Inclement weather, such as snow and ice, is often the cause of serious car accidents, especially if a motorist is traveling too fast for conditions.

According to reports, two children in Virginia were recently injured after being struck by a vehicle that lost control. Based on preliminary police reports, an SUV lost control during the late afternoon hours. This caused the vehicle to flip and roll down an embankment. Following this, the vehicle hit a group of people sledding in the area.

What are the different classifications of TBIs?

An injury to the head is no simple matter. In fact, a head injury is considered one of the most serious injuries an accident victim could suffer. Even a minor blow to the head could disrupt normal brain functioning temporarily. Traumatic brain injuries can range from minor to severe; however, any brain injury, no matter the degree of severity, is considered serious and life altering.

What are the different classifications of TBIs? Generally, there are four different types or degrees of brain injuries. The first is labeled as minor or a concussion. This type of TBI can leave a victim confused and disoriented. This typically lasts for 24 hours. The next is a moderate TBI. This presents as a confused or disoriented state that lasts for up to 24 hours. Memory loss is also an issue with this TBI and could last up to 7 days. Imaging could show abnormal brain structure as a result of this injury.

Causes of TBIs and signs a children has one

The brain is one of the most vital organs in our body. Any injury to it could mean serious mental and health issues. While many individuals in Virginia take extra precautions to guard against a serious injury to the head, the unfortunate reality is that accidents happen and could cause detrimental effects to the brain and body.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) could stem from a variety of incidents. These typically include falls, motor-vehicle accidents, acts of violence, sports injuries and explosive blasts. While children are not always a victim of these accidents, it is important to understand what damages could result and what the signs and symptoms.

Traffic fatalities in Virginia up form last year

Driving safely is something drivers must do at all hours of the day. Whether it is during the early hours of the morning, a morning commute, rush hour traffic, evening hours or the late hours of the night, motorists have the duty to drive safe and follow the rules of the road. This is true even when traffic is low or no other vehicles can be seen on the roadways. By breaching this duty, a driver not only places their own life at risk but the lives of other motorists and passengers as well.

Based on recent reports, traffic fatalities in the state of Virginia are up from last year. As of now, 815 individuals have been killed in traffic accidents this year. This is up from the 705 deaths experienced during the same time period last year.

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