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Product recall implemented due to potentially dangerous item

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Products Liability

People in Roanoke City, throughout Virginia and across the country must be vigilant when they purchase products to ensure that they’re safe for use. This goes for products for children, foods and household items. It can be anything that is sold on the market and all can be subject to a product recall if they’re found to be dangerous. When there is a manufacturing defect and a consumer suffers an injury, it’s important that those who were harmed know what to do after this happens.

A recall has been implemented of Gift Gallery Moody Stress Balls that were sold at numerous Wegmans locations. If the balls are squeezed, the balls can break into small pieces and might be a danger to children if swallowed, causing them to choke. Approximately 7,000 of these balls have been sold in various colors – yellow, red, green, blue and orange. The eyes are black and they have a smile painted on them. The hair is yellow, orange or pink. The items were sold in several states including Virginia. It is not known if there has been an injury due to these products as of yet.

When there is a dangerous product on the market, there can be a significant amount of damage done to consumers. Because of the medical expenses, hospitalizations, missed time at work and possibly even death, there are a vast number of costs that an injured person and their family will have to deal with. If the injuries and deaths have occurred due to a product that was eventually subject to a product recall, filing product liability litigation is the right of those who were harmed. However, it is very important that the evidence be retained so there is proof that the individual was hurt or killed due to the product.

The stress balls in this case seem to be small, harmless little knickknacks that can be given as a gift or for a parent to keep a child amused and quiet. Unfortunately, the product can be dangerous when it is squeezed as it might break and present a choking hazard. If there is a suspicion that anyone was injured as a result of this product, it’s imperative to seek advice from an attorney experienced in products liability.

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