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What are long term costs for personal injury of the brain?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Brain Injuries

For people who suffer personal injury in an accident in Roanoke City, a brain injury can be one of the worst issues they have to deal with. Even if the individual gives the appearance of not being severely hurt, a head injury can have aftereffects that aren’t known for an extended period. The symptoms can be slow to show themselves and treatment can be difficult. In addition, there are many costs that will arise. These are not just medical expenses, but other costs as well.

Because the issues surrounding a brain injury can be so wide-ranging, it’s difficult to estimate what the costs will be for treatment and care and where they will come from. It can exhaust the insurance and force a person to dip into savings to pay for it. The hospital stay and perhaps surgery will obviously be costly. Treatment with state-of-the-art equipment and medical experts will raise the expenses further. Therapy, prescription drugs and other expenses such as travel costs might not be taken care of by insurance coverage.

In addition the extreme costs of medical care, a person who has suffered a brain injury might not be able to return to work in a timely fashion, if he or she is able to return to work at all. The lost wages can be massive and when combined with the costs the family who has to care for the injured will face, it can be astronomical. If it is a child, then there might be many years in which there is the need for round the clock care. The family who has to take care of the injured person will face emotional, personal and financial changes that can be difficult to handle. Mental care and physical rehabilitation are often necessary for the injured person’s recovery.

The nature of the brain injury will determine how much it will cost. Estimates have shown that these expenses can range from $85,000 to up to $3 million for the duration of the treatment and recovery process. Even then, the person might never be self-sufficient. When the brain injury is a result of an accident cause by another party, those who have to bear the brunt of the consequences need to understand what to do to try and recover compensation.

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