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Two-vehicle accident in Franklin County leaves 1 dead

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Car Accidents

A two-vehicle car accident in Franklin County, which many readers probably know is just south of the Roanoke area, killed one person and left two people serious injured. One of the injured victims had to be flown to the hospital from the scene of the accident.

According to police, both vehicles involved in the accident were pickup trucks. The person who died for some reason crossed over the centerline of the two-lane road, hitting the other pickup. Although the man who was driving the pickup that strayed from its lane had a seatbelt on, he still died as a result of the wreck. The driver of the other truck, as well as one of the other truck’s passengers, also suffered serious injuries.

It was not clear why the driver crossed the centerline, but police said they are still investigating the cause of the wreck. However, traveling on a two-lane road always calls for heightened care since the road is so narrow. Any little slip or inattentiveness can spell a severe head-on collision that can leave the drivers and passengers injured or dead.

In the aftermath of tragedies like these, it is worth repeating that the people who were injured by the other, now deceased driver’s actions still have the option of pursuing compensation. They would likely need to sue the person’s estate if they are not able to reach a prompt resolution with the driver’s insurance company, but the fact someone who seems to have been negligent dies does not mean compensation is unavailable to those whom he or she injured. To get compensation in these situations, a Virginia resident may want to consider seeking out the advice of an experience personal injury attorney.

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