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Virginia driver loses control and hits sledding children

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

Winter weather means a variety of things to those living in Virginia and elsewhere. Some enjoy the snow and partake in a wide range of winter activities, and others choose to travel to warmer climates to avoid the cold weather. Regardless of a person’s liking of the snow and cold weather, the reality is that winter weather can significantly impact road travel. Roads can be snow covered, slick with ice and it can be difficult to see. Inclement weather, such as snow and ice, is often the cause of serious car accidents, especially if a motorist is traveling too fast for conditions.

According to reports, two children in Virginia were recently injured after being struck by a vehicle that lost control. Based on preliminary police reports, an SUV lost control during the late afternoon hours. This caused the vehicle to flip and roll down an embankment. Following this, the vehicle hit a group of people sledding in the area.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they found two children injured out of the large group of children sledding together. These two children were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. It is not clear how old these children are and how many children were involved. An investigation is still ongoing, and no information regarding the motorist or the cause of the crash has been released at this time. The exact conditions of the road at the time of the crash were not provided.

Those injured in a car accident might have legal recourses available to them. A personal injury claim could help the injured party hold a negligent driver accountable while also helping with the recovery of compensation for losses and damages.

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